First Choice Order Fulfilment

Wondering if anybody else is still waiting on their 2nd round of items to be shipped. Our order indicates that it is still processing.

I guess they’ve been rather busy…but ours has a tracking number, and is due to arrive at my home tomorrow.

Same here, getting concerned as we have some critical parts we’re waiting on :frowning:

Ours shipped out yesterday. Nothing critical that was holding us up on progress on our practice bot, but stuff we definitely wanted for our competition bot.

Still processing. We missed out on nearly everything we wanted, though, so it’s just spare game pieces, retroreflective tape, and way too many CIMs.

Like, seriously, I’m not entirely sure what we’re going to do with these CIMS.

We got all our parts yesterday even though we are in Canada

Still processing for us.

Got ours in New Jersey today. Thanks Andymark!

Ours just arrived today.