FIRST Choice & Rockwell Automation's 873M Ultrasonic Senor Programming

Hello, I had a quick question about the proximity sensor that was available through FIRST Choice:

I’ve looked through LabVIEW’s examples, but can’t find one for this specific model. Can I wire and program it as though it is a normal analog input or do I need to stitch together something from the examples to make this work? I won’t have access to our roboRIO for another week, but I wanted to ask this question ahead of time.

I have a basic understanding of LabVIEW, so I should hopefully be able to figure this out with a push in the right direction.

Thanks so much for the help! These forums have been a godsend for our team for the past three years, and we really appreciate the time y’all take to help us out. Hopefully we won’t be posting here too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Not labview specific thread, but see hardware considerations in this thread from earlier today.