FIRST Choice Round 2 - 2017

Hey Everyone,
I know that you are all deep in the midst of figuring out your robot strategies, but don’t forget that FIRSTChoice Round 2 is open. You have until 1/13/2017 to select the items you want for the second round.

There are a number of new items available:

REV Robotics Servo Power Module (shameless plug)
Game pieces
Awesome keyboards from cooler master
And more…

Last year only ~1300 teams took advantage of round 2 of FIRST choice, which is a shame because this stuff is FREE to you (just add shipping).

Here is the schedule.
1/07/17 Round 2 begins, additional credits issued (unused credits do carry over)
01/13/17 Round 2 Team Priority Lists due
01/17/17 AndyMark notifies each Team of their Round 2 draft results
01/20/17 FIRST Choice opens for traditional live orders
04/7/17 FIRST Choice closes for the 2017 season

Be sure to check it out and spread the word. Don’t let good robot parts go wasted!

How many credits (besides ones that may carry over) does each team get for round 2?