FIRST Choice Round 2 Shipping?

This is my first year really dealing with ordering on my team, so excuse my naivety. For FIRST Choice 2, I only used 180 credits, and got the list of items we revived back. It’s saying shipping is $464.39, which I was a little shocked to see. I know they normally put a $75 hold on your card for shipping, and we’ve never had to pay this much before. Anyone know why this could be?

I’d suggest contacting Andymark.
There could be many reasons for high shipping costs, such as: Heavy object, express shipment, etc.

Did you get Power Cubes? Shipping Power cubes is expensive… We (a sponsor) paid almost $900 in shipping our 20 power cubes last week…

Didn’t know 3 milk crates could cost so much… I’ll call them later. Thanks for the responses.

Yeah, better to just get the FIRST covers for the milk crates, then see if you can get the Milk crates themselves by going to local supermarkets.

Well I probably should have just contacted AM to being with. Turns out this price quote was incorrect. Also one of our mentors got an email that must have gotten lost that stated “Your order includes a shipping charge that is incorrect and a Shipping Method of ‘AndyMark to Quote’. We are working to get your shipping rate calculated and to you as soon as possible.” Great way to wake up, though.

And yeah because we’re running a Week 0/-1 event, we wanted to have cubes as accurate as possible to the field and with as less variability as possible. We got a quote from a vendor for 70 cubes which then total $150 shipping, which is expensive but not as much as I imagined it to be.

I’m glad that everything got figured out! If you ever have any questions about your FIRST Choice order, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll work to address any concerns you may have.

Our 3 cubes on FIRST Choice and a few small things was $81 shipping, but then it showed order total $59 something. Our 12 cubes from VEX was only $34 shipping. Maybe I should call Andymark.

Thanks, will do.