FIRST Choice, Round 2

We were pretty disappointed with what we received in Round 1, but man, oh, man, Round 2 really came through for us.

Were we just super lucky or others get what they really wanted?


We’re in the same boat, got all of our top 4 choices.


I’d like to see the inevitable eBay auction results for anyone who got those A-B PanelView HMI’s. :slight_smile:

There weren’t many to grab and we didn’t get one, alas, but we did get a complete set of core REV control system components among other good items.

1745 & 8874 received the following in Round 2. I’m pretty happy

1x PDH
2x PH
1x RPM
2x SPM
11x 243 thread locker
2x blue electrical tape
1x orange electrical tape
2x cubes
1x compressor
1x multimeter

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We got a lot of stuff, but missed out on some of the bigger stuff we really wanted (like our top item, the PDH). As a result, we ended up with 9 rolls of duct tape at the end of our list…


I see your 9 rolls of duct tape and raise you 40 rolls of duct tape and 20 rolls of electrical tape…

… we will never need tape again


We only got 5 rolls of duct tape!

There must be some skill/strategy to FIRST Choice. Round 1 and 2 were awful for us… I guess that’s something I’ll need to study a bit for future years.


We also lost the first pick PDH lottery. Oh well, one day we’ll get our “FIRST choice”.


Imagine the sticker shock if they had thoughts of using them without having the tools to program them.

How are you folks seeing what you got?
I log in and see only a notice, its not posted yet.

Our team got an email order confirmation with an attached pdf which had the items we got.

I guess its not all at the same time then. We never got any emails yet.

I imagine it takes a little while to process the few thousand e-mails, each with a unique attachment for its intended recipient, even with an automated system

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Hawaii folks are always last. :thinking:


We did pretty well too, including winning the PDH lottery. Oddly enough, the only things on our list that we didn’t get, even though we ranked them pretty high up the list, were the 2 cubes and 2 cones. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to buy some for practice.

We got a lot of the expensive stuff we missed out on in Round 1.

I got our confirmation and list some time around 10pm HST last night. although given what ive seen here we must be pretty early on the list this year.

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We got only 2 cones and 2 cubes from Round 2 :expressionless: We had some of the displays and PDH on there along with some flex wheels. The game pieces were dead last and that’s all we got

This was in the confirmation email when our list was submitted

We got our top 7 items and 10 of the top 11.

2x Cube
2x Cone
2x IMU
2x Gyro
4x 40A breaker
2x air compressor
1x radio power module
1x RSL
1x pneumatic hub
2x servo power module
2x tank/mounting bracket set

We had a long list in case we didn’t use all our credits but I’m surprised how much of the bottom of the list didn’t get touched at all. Not like the years when we got a few dozen 3-position WAGO lever nuts, or a few dozen things of velcro or dual-lock.