FIRST Choice round two!

My team is getting bumper material, a battery charger, a boulder, a battery tray for the KoP chassis, and cable chain!

Thank you so much to AndyMark for organizing and donating, and to all the generous donors this year!

We also get a boulder and bumper material, plus a battery and a couple pneumatic cylinders…along with the sensor board that all teams get.

I second the Thank You AndyMark!

We got,

Sensor Board (Accelerometer & Gyro) - 1
Boulder, gray foam ball, 10 in. - 1
12V Battery NP18-12 - 2
Battery Charger - 1
Power (Battery) Charger - 1
Pneumatic Cylinder (fc16-097) - 1

All 150 credits used.:cool:

We got all of our top items:

1x Sensor Board (Accelerometer & Gyro)
2x RS775 Motor (fc16-132)
1x 12V Battery NP18-12 (fc16-036)
1x Hall Effect Sensor (fc16-131)
2x HS-322HD Servo (fc16-053)

Drew what we asked for!
1 battery, 1 accelerometer/gyro, 1 9015 motor, 1 bumper material, 1 pocket toner, 1 boulder.
Thanks! And Jerry!

Got a boulder, 2 xbox controllers, a hall effect sensor, and a bunch of cable chain!

Thanks AndyMark!


I’m excited to try out this 10-DOF IMU board!

Also we got another battery, 2 XBox controllers, and hall effect sensor.

Got the Jetson TK1, 2 batteries and a hall effect sensor. Thanks AndyMark!

Cable chain? I hate mounting that stuff.

Me too. I just wish there was a way to get 2 of them. I can’t justify integrating a single point of failure into the robot.

We got
2 1/2 Hex Shaft Collars
1 Boulder
2 Xbox Controllers (really happy about these)
2 Wago Screwdrivers
2 Industrial RJ45 Modular Plugs
8 1/2 Round Shaft Collars
1 Battery Charger (going to be used as a loaner to international teams during NYC)
2 Rolls of Teflon Tape
1 Battery
1 Cylinder

So everything but our Livecam. Not too bad. :wink:

My team got everything we asked for except bumper material or the voltage regulator module because we burnt out one or two somehow

Our team leader has been out sick for a few days.

Can anyone tell me if Bimba pneumatic cylinder or Gates timing belt vouchers are in the Virtual Kit of Parts this year?

It doesn’t look like it:

Bimba has a voucher in the kit for 2 cylinders. It is on Page 11 of the Kickoff Kit Gray Tote Checklist.

Gates does not appear to have one.

We made out pretty well:

1 Sensor Board
1 ADIS16448 IMU (which the credits-to-dollars ratio was insane on btw, thanks Analog Devices!)
2 Xbox Controllers
2 Green light rings
1 12V Battery
2 USB A-to-B cords (For possible programming of RoboRio with the limited ethernet ports on the radio now)
1 Roll of Retro-reflective tape

Got a hall effect sensor, a boulder, and some pneumatic stuff

So I was looking at the things left over after round 2 and realized that almost 1/3 of teams didn’t claim anything during this round.

The Analog Devices sensor board

was automatically given to every team in this round and there were 3250 units at the start of round 2. As of this post there are still 1336 left.

That there are over 1000 FRC teams that didn’t claim FIRSTchoice. I suspect many of these teams are rookies or others, so if you talk to local teams in your area remind them that all of these items are part of their registration fees, and they will loose the credits if they don’t use them.

There is still plenty of useful things still left.

  • Analog devices IMU- I can’t believe this didn’t sell out, as it is an $850 part
  • SPARK Motor controller - a bit too expensive from a credit perspective, but good if you want one to try.
  • Bolders - who doesn’t want another game piece
  • 775PRO - new motor that looks great, also currently back ordered from WCP so this is a good place to get them.
  • Victor 888 motor controllers - older generation controllers but still work great.
  • And more

Lets see if we can get the word out to the 1000+ teams who forgot about FIRSTchoice round 2!

I was surprised about the IMU being left too. There were only 350 to begin with. I put those at the top of my team’s list because I thought that if we wanted them we’d have to ask for them early.

On the other hand the description page only listed LabVIEW support, which may have scared people off. I did a little bit of extra research and it looked like getting them to work with C++ would be doable, but I suspect that a lot of times the person in charge of ordering would see that and dismiss it out of hand if they knew their team wasn’t going to run LabVIEW.

One thing that seemed pretty clear to me when I was ordering was that the team wasn’t going to be willing to spend another $850 to get a spare later so I was either going to ask for two or none. At 50 credits each, that gets you to 100 points, which is 2/3 of the new allotment of points. I wonder if a lot of teams didn’t want to spend such a large fraction on something they weren’t already familiar with.