FIRST Choice Sunday redux

So…, lets see how today goes.

The Practice round was meh minus +.

I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for 3:00.

Let’s hope that the product is improved.

We are loading up the site, as a test at 11am Eastern today. This starts in 8 minutes.

If you have a minute or two, go here and click around.


At the moment, noticeably slower than it was earlier this morning, but still perfectly usable.

So far so good.


Latency seems to be between 3-10 seconds for loading items/home page.

Noticeable, but manageable.

  • Sunny G.

Ok, I was at least able to log into site today…but still took about 8 seconds as opposed to 1-2 seconds usual log-in speed for my set up. Couldn’t add to check out cart (no psudo points?). I wonder how fast log in will be when 1-2,000 try to log in for real later instead of the few doing so currently?

I was logged in prior to 11pm, and then all of a sudden at 11, it logged me out and told me my credentials were incorrect for about 2 minutes. Got logged in again, and seems to be working ok.

Agreed. Slowish but useable. Thanks!!!

Hm, it’s 11:08 on my PC, and it appears that the site has hit the floor again. Can’t navigate to the home page.

  • Sunny G.

…aaaaand now it’s broken…

Me too. I was getting delays of 2-3 seconds up until a couple of minutes ago, but now things aren’t loading for me.

Yep, not responding for me. No login, no pages.

Took about 24-25 seconds for initial page load. Once in the site I was able to click through pretty easily - not blazing fast, but not slow enough to do anything else during the wait period.

[Edit] It has also stopped working for me. [/Edit]

And, for me at least, it is completely frozen again. I’ve been staring at an 3/8" OLDHAM COUPLING HUB (FC14-085) for four minutes watching the little status bar spin in circles…

Not that you need any more confirmation, but it seemed fine just before 11AM Eastern, and now is just like yesterday. Not loading.

EDIT: Kind of hit or miss. Seems to be loading after a couple minutes delay.

Bummer…I feel really bad for Andy and his staff. I am certain that they have spent the whole weekend working on this.

I wouldn’t mind waiting another week if that’s what it takes to let people figure out what the issues are.

But by next week you are getting into travel times for the holidays. I don’t want to think of how much complaining that could start…

Is anyone else having problems loading pages already? my average page load is 2-3 mins.

  • Adam

Update: The page is loading now, but the latency is ridiculous, on the order of minutes.

  • Sunny G.

It just now got a lot better. Just opened 10 product tabs and they loaded as fast as I could open them.