FIRST Choice, what did you get?

We got our order summery, we got:

The firsts 4 on our priority list.

2 Batteries
4 Victors
2 Rev protoboards
2 Encoder kits

10 each of the 1/2" shaft collars (no hex)
2 each of the Parker fittings
2 AM 2015 motors
1 Freelin Wade red hose
and some push buttons

All in all not to bad, got our first 4 choices so we can’t complain.

What did you get?

4 Victors
2 Solenoids
4 motors
Breaker kit
Pressure switch
Clear tubing

No complaints.

  1. Video Card
  2. 2 Encoder Kits
  3. 2 Jaguars (TI)
  4. 2 Spikes
  5. Pneumatic Tubing, black
  6. Multimeter

So we got about half of our top 10 list.

We got :

4 Jaguars
3X tubing
Parker Fittings
2X Dry Erase boards.

Not exactly what we were hoping for but it works

Crimping tool
Battery charger
Dry erase board (x2)
Velcro kit (x2)
Teflon tape (x2)
Parker fitting kit
Victor 888

  1. Crimper (100 credits)
  2. Video Card (100 credits)
  3. PD Boards (6) (90 credits)
  4. Pressure Switch (2) (40 credits)
  5. 1/2"x1/2" Rigid Coupling (5) (100 credits)
  6. Elbow Fittings (5) (50 credits)
  7. Straight Fittings (10) (50 credits)
  8. Black Tubing (1) (10 credits)
  9. Parker Fitting Kit (1) (50 credits)

590 credits spent total.

2 batteries - great!
4 victors - great!
shaft collars
protoboard - great!

not even one motor or solenoid!..bummer!

Thanks AM!

  1. Classmate
  2. 4 Jags
  3. Encoder kits
  4. Igus Bag
  5. Spherical Flange Bearings
  6. Lazy Susan
  7. Lead screw w/Nut
  8. 322HD Servos
  9. Stealth wheels 500 hex bore

Missed out on solenoids as our #1 choice.
All-in-all missed 5 items out of our top 17, so we had a 70% success rate.

No hex collars or batteries, but we did get nine attack 3 joysticks.


Quadro K4000
Victor x4
Encoder x2
Analog Breakout
Lots of pneumatic fittings

Edit: I can’t read. I was looking at what we requested on our order, not what we got. Fixed that.

SO that’s where all my joysticks went! don’t worry. We got your batteries :wink:

2014 Parker Valves x1
Parker Elbows x1
Parker straights x1
Batteries x2
Parker fittings kit x1
1/2" shaft collars x8
Pressure switches x2
Micro switches (x10) x1
Multimeter x1
Graphics Card x1

We got a fantastic haul:

2 Batteries 100
1 Battery Charger 50
3 Spike Relays 60
1 Crimping Tool 100
2 Pressure Switches 40
2 Brass Based Fitting Kits 100
1 HD3000 Camera 50
1 Ethernet Port Saver 5
3 Window Motor Couplers 15
10 1/2" Round Shaft Collars 50
5 3/8" Round Shaft Collars 25
1 26 mm OD 10 mm ID bearings 5

Thanks Andymark for running First Choice! We saved around $1,000 this year had we had to buy these items.

We’re a rookie team so we chose motor controllers in first place.

Black Jaguar (fc15-034) x4
Victor 888 (fc15-019) x4
Spike (fc15-112) x2
Snap Action Breaker Kit (fc15-115) x1
Encoder Kit (fc15-039) x2
Freelin-Wade Blue Tubing (fc15-010) x1
Igus 2014 Bag (fc15-102) x1
igubal spherical flange bearing (fc15-111) x2
Ethernet Port Saver (fc15-030) x2

What we didn’t get:
Battery Charger (fc15-005)
12V Battery (fc15-008)
7pc Ratcheting Wrench Set (fc15-098)
Attack 3 Joystick (fc15-064)

I’m amazed there’s still over 100 of the graphics card still left. I really did not see that coming.

I’m having some trouble understanding the significance of the order in which the items are displayed in the PDF sent by e-mail. Can anyone shed some light on that?

The list appears to be sorted by FC Part # (second column). This is the order in which items appear on the “Everything” tab](FCbyAM - Everything) on the FC website.

My list appears to have the first 12 items sorted in this way, but not in this way for any items past that. Seems a little unlikely that this is just coincidence, but I don’t know why the system would break down at the twelfth item.

Here is what we received:
-cRIO, 4-slot Controller and I/O Kit (fc15-049)
-Quadro K4000 Video Card (fc15-114)
-Power Distribution Board (fc15-054) x 3
-Digital Sidecar (fc15-053) x 3
-Microsoft Lifecam HD3000 Camera (fc15-016)
-4 inch Stealth Wheel, 500 Hex Bore (fc15-004) x 8
-Snap Action Breaker Kit (fc15-115) x 2
-REV Protoboard (fc15-029)
-Freelin-Wade Transparent Blue Tubing (fc15-012)
-Diagonal Cutter (fc15-100)

In ours it listed our requested priority list and then the Total column is where you are told if you had the requested quantity. Our first box for example was: Priority 1, the part number fc15-008, Name 12V Battery, Credits 50, Requested Quantity 2, Total 100. Because the total is 100, we know that we received our requested quantity, 50 * 2 = 100.

My list is in the order in which I actually entered each item onto the Priority List. I have one item, entered late, that’s way down on the list in the order in which I entered things, but that I later changed to a priority of 5.

Are you seeing something like that?

2 Batteries
2 Encoder
1 Charger
6 1/4 collars (No hex - really wanted them)
6 1/2 collars
Black Tubing
4 Breadboards
1 Video Card
4 9015 Motors
4 Victors (No Jaguars - really wanted them)

Had to go to the 16th item on our list to complete 600 credits - missed 6 - so 62.5% success.