FIRST Choice - What to get?

Hi all,

I am the lead mentor for our team…I am going through first choice right now, and was wondering what items you think will go fast? Also, what would you recommend for rookie teams? i.e. I am not sure if we will use pneumatics yet, but the pneumatic tubing might be useful since we didn’t have any in our kit.

Is it better to go after sensors and motors? Or gears, sprockets, lazy susans, etc. I feel like this is so hard without a design in mind. Are the normally expensive parts the ones most worth getting on first choice?

I feel like we should wait until we have a design, but I’m afraid the “good stuff” will go quick.

What is everyone planning on picking up in 20min?

It would be wise for you to order the normally expensive things first.

My team is planing to pick up the batteries, door motors and light sensors first, however we have two designs already. It would be best for you to have an idea of what you want to build before ordering any parts.

Door motors? Light sensors? What are the RoboVikes up to now? :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait for SVR!

Two very different ideas…

Holy cow, the battery chargers went so fast, one minute had 4 of them in my basket and before I had a chance to finalize my checkout, they were all gone. What a shame. They should have limited those!!

Just guessed as we don’t have a design yet. Mostly pneumatics (tubing, valves, and fittings)as there was limited stuff in the KOP. Seems like those parts are harder to find locally. Also picked up the Lazy Susan’s and the shaft encoders. Also the van door motor. Did manage to get the order to 100 points exactly. :slight_smile:

So us in California are screwed with things running out?

I didn’t log in until about 8 am EST and there was plenty left. Some things were gone, but the things I wanted, batteries, sidecars, etc. were still there.

Get the 2 batteries you are allowed to. You will not regret it.

Some of the motors could be helpful, as well as some of the sensors that are in there.


Good batteries get you playing in a $500 match. If you ever have a dead battery this year, they were worth the investment of $0 plus shipping.