FIRST Choice

FIRST Choice is now available at

Some things that stand out:
Talons: (Legal maybe?)
IR stuff: similar to 2008?
Eccentric Bearing: what could this be used for, other than some kind of game object?
I/O module:???
New window motors: what differences are there?
Snow blower motor: new

2013 Manual not withstanding in the past FIRST choice has been synonymous with included in the KOP.

New motors, likely to be three motor controllers to pick from, and a whole slew of new toys.

Anybody else have an Overdrive flashback when they saw the remote?

More like a nightmare, but yes.

  • Sunny G.

Ring light- retro reflective tape (?)
IR remote- some sort of IR receiver on robot (?)
Photo switch- lines on field to follow(?)

Classmate- YESSSS

There are defiantly a few items on there that are worth a game theory. Also I can not be more excited to see the cRIO and classmates on there for this year, well done FIRST choice, well done…

I am looking for the post, but I believe it was stated that anything on FIRST Choice will be 2013 FRC Legal. Looks like Talons are going to be allowed.

The most interesting thing to me is the gaming graphics card. Could there be something in the game that requires a lot of graphics processing on the robot or are they just making it available to help teams who want to cad?

Nvidia has been handing similar cards out at a few regionals over the years, I think this must just be an extension of that.

We have 2-3 gtx 480’s from them.

Talons ARE FIRST legal, per an email just received from AndyMark. $59 base price - quantity discounts available.

And I just went to look at them, and they’re $59! Talk about competition being healthy.

IR transmitter
Infrared Thermometer
New motors?! =O
3D Print Job voucher? Awesome!
Laser distance meter for your robot? Are they changing the laser rules?
cRIO as a part of FIRST Choice?!?!

This is awesome!

Or $54 if you buy 4 at a time.

Hmmmm. I wonder if there is an even bigger discount for 20 :smiley:

Regarding the IR remote control - please please tell me that’s not coming back…

And we just bought 12 of them. Sorry IFI, we were about to buy 10 but this was an offer we just couldn’t refuse…

I doubt circular saws are legal* for the robot, but they’re on FIRST Choice.

*maybe if you filed down sharp parts to R0.125 …

I see a ratcheting subtheme. And braided steel cable. Winch game?

Emails from AndyMark are considered an official communication from FIRST? Could you point me toward that ruling?

I would infer rather that they are legal because they are in FIRST Choice, not because of the AndyMark email.

FIRST really needs to come out with an official statement on which motor controllers will be legal and soon!

What are jaw couplings used for? (I’ve linked one of the many on the list.) I’m normally more electrical/programming than mechanical, and this is a new part for me.

Two jaw couplings go together with a rubber piece in the middle to create on shaft coupler with some advantages over just a solid connection. Here is some information from the manufacturer of the ones we have used in the past.

They’re used to connect 2 coaxial shafts together (one driven, the other the driver). They generally isolate shock between the components and can handle some amount of mis-alignment between the axes.