FIRST Choice

Two questions regarding this: when does it start for next season and does the list of stuff come out before it opens?

There is a timeline for last season here:

Past is somewhat indicative of what might happen in the future, so
The FRC blog post about it last year came out November 15, 2017 (also when that page above got published)

The parts available in FIRST Choice won’t be live until Round 1 begins on 11/20 (2017). At that point, everyone will be able to see the items available, their credit value, etc

All assuming it’s like last year:

There’s about two weeks between the “catalog” being posted and the first round priority lists are due. No password is needed to look at the catalog. Also note that the person placing the orders doesn’t have to be the #1 or #2 contact, but will have to get the password from one of the contacts. You will also need to put in a credit card number to pay for shipping before the lists are due, or your list will be ignored.

Worth watching this: