FIRST Choice?

Has anyone heard what they’re getting from FIRST Choice round one? Seems like a long time since the lists were locked, and I haven’t heard anything. I’m a little nervous since I paid the registration fee on 12/1, hoping it got credited in time for my list to be processed and that’s not the reason I haven’t heard anything, so just wanted to make sure it’s not just me.

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I have not heard anything.

I believe tomorrow 12/8 is the notification/start shipping day.


I emailed AndyMark this morning asking for a shipping address change. In their reply they said teams should have their invoices with shipping costs and list of items they received by noon tomorrow (noon EST, December 8th).

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For me, tomorrow is December 8th.


Oh good, thank you very much!

I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. I very clearly wrote December 8th in my post. And I sure as heck didn’t accidently hit 9 on my num pad instead of 8, and then go back and edit my post once someone pointed out my blunder… :joy:


If you’re anything like me you definitely didn’t click edit post, delete the 9, and then type 9 again, requiring multiple edits.


Check your email, they’re starting to arrive…

A few neos, some pully stock and wago tools

Ugh. We must have had a poor draw in the ranking lottery this year. Didn’t get any of our first 3 choices (Neos, 550s, NavX). That tells me that all of those things were gone by the time they got to us. I listed about 800 credits and ended up with some shaft collars and a pneumatic manifold, only 250 credits used. Woop-de-doo.

Oh well, we’ve had a good number for the past few years, so it was about time.

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