FIRST Class Ring in Women's Sizes

I know that the topic of class rings with the FIRST logo on it has been discussed before here on CD. I have checked some of the ring places people have said have the logo, but when I contact them, they tell me that it is only available for the men’s rings. So my question is-Has anyone found a place that offers the FIRST logo on women’s size rings? If so, would someone be able to order it without going through their school?

The company our school uses does not even offer the FIRST logo, though I currently have an email asking them if it would be possible to do something about that.

Thanks in advance.

I just ordered my high school ring today from Jostens. They do not have a FIRST logo as an option for guys or girls. Of course I was going for a cheap ring since I will only wear it for a few years before I get my college ring and will probably wear that for my life. If you want to spend more then the $250 on a ring that I did im sure you could get something custom done.

I ordered my class ring from Jostens on Oct. 31. I had called them before to ask about getting the FIRST logo, but they had never gotten back to me. On the day I ordered, though, they said they had the logo available as a regular option on the side of the ring, but you could only get it on two ring styles, one for girls and one for boys. The ring for girls is A12 Royale, in the Achiever collection. I don’t know if they will make a ring for you if they are not your school’s company. About other companies, I know Balfour has the FIRST logo but they will not make individual rings if they aren’t your school’s company. Hope this helps.

I contacted our sales representative and talked to him about getting the rings. He asked me some questions about what it would mean to get the logo, how many people were interested, etc. They were able to make arrangements to get the FIRST logo on to both men’s and women’s rings.

The company our school uses is Herff Jones, so if that is the place your school uses, contact your representative as well to see if she/he can make arrangements.

Browsing the threads here:

I see that at one time or another (maybe still) Zolnier, Balfour, and Jolstens have each offered the FIRST logo on rings.

I’m sure at least one of them HAVE to carry women’s sizes.

Always be sure to ask about custom things.

We asked our provider about doing our logo; now we’re getting our team’s logo on one side of the ring, and I don’t believe it’s costing any extra (it is a significant longer wait though). Hopefully the thing will work out, we ordered like 4-6 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything since.

i JUST got my class ring changed about an hour ago…jostens offers the FIRST logo as a side on the acheiver a12 royale, however, you must call and order it by phone.

=] hope that helps.

I’m not so sure Balfour still offers FIRST for their rings; they didn’t at our school.

Thats no fair :frowning: I already got my class ring :frowning: