FIRST CODEX rises from the ashes

I don’t want to cross post (this has been addressed in the Meeting at Nationals post), but I feel that it’s important enough to be addressed in a separate thread.

The CODEX, brought to you now by Nate Smith and team 422, is back online! This is a resource for FIRST programmers everywhere, from veterans to rookies. It has articles on PBasic and the hardware controlling it, including everything from the Top 5 Mistakes to SERIN/SEROUT commands, to a rundown on the hardware of the OI/RC. There is also a discussion forum active where you can post robot code, talk to other programmers, and offer help and advice (as well as ask for it!).

The website:

I’d really appreciate it if we could get some programmers to take a look at the site (still somewhat under construction) and comment on what they like, what they don’t like, and what they think needs to be added (more articles and the condensed PBasic Field Manual will soon be added!).