FIRST Comedy hour

So this year’s game was recycle rush… and we were told their would be change… The only change was that the GDC took one of FIRST’s worst games, and somehow made it worse…

I think the GDC must love lunacy, because Recycle Rush took its place from being the worst game ever.

Please add any jokes that you find funny in the FIRST community. :cool:

I was thinking of something different when I came into this thread but it turned out to be just more unwarranted hate about the game. Shame.

I feel sorry that you are unhappy with the choices made by the GDC regarding this year but if you are looking for sympathy here than you are wrong. Chief is not a place to promote simple minded discontent toward the FIRST community. If you’d like to make a more sophisticated argument regarding the issues of Recycle Rush as well as the implications of the GDC’s choice than feel free, else please keep it to yourself.

Well, if you finished read my whole little blurb… its suppose to be funny, not taken seriously… Im not actually degrading the GDC… its suppose to be fun, not taken seriously…

If this was your intention than you expressed your ideas with efficiency left to be desired, the post made it seem as if the initial joke was “Recycle Rush”

Unless you were a driver, there was noting interesting that most people found about this game… I have seen a big difference from the turnout of media and people outside FIRST coming to competitions then last year. This year was a terrible game… it is blatant. The lack of action was really boring. But thats not the point of this thread. The whole point of this thread is to make jokes. Thats it. Not get into these discussions about these games.

I wasn’t appointed driver until halfway through our first regional, and IMO, the game was still interesting. Though it wasn’t as much of a “sport” as previous games (i.e. 2014) have been, I thought (based on my limited time spectating) that all the different ways that teams approached the challenge were still interesting and entertaining. Just my two cents.

Then WHY did you pick this year’s game’s goodness/badness as a joke?

There have been many, many threads discussing the merits of Recycle Rush and whether or not it was an “interesting” game. Let’s not turn this into another one.

The intent of this thread is to serve as a place for people to share FIRST-related jokes. (Maybe the first shouldn’t have been about Recycle Rush… but again, a different conversation.)

Let’s try to get this thread back on track.

Because it was the best joke he could come up with.

Wow people are touchy.

Because Its a pretty popular topic, and I haven’t been in the forums in a few months… I thought it was a funny joke personally.

Thank you

Leave it to CD to misconstrue a joke this badly.

Do we read the same Chief Delphi?

Because, this game is a joke.

If you can’t come up with a better joke than that, then maybe you shouldn’t be telling jokes until you can. (A “popular topic” isn’t necessarily a good idea to make jokes about–for example, I could probably make a joke involving the eternally-popular student/mentor build ratio threads. But I’m sure that wouldn’t go over well–trust me, I had one written down.)

Even the X robots drive into a bar joke is funnier than the supposed joke used to start this thread.

Or to put it another way: If someone has to read your “joke” multiple times and it’s still not obvious you’re telling a joke after that, there’s a good chance that they’ll think you’re serious. That’s probably what triggered this.

Mods, I think this thread may need to be closed for a while, and maybe someone can try again with a different opening?

Why, aside from people derailing it? I say let the thread roll on.

I’d love to hear the mentor built joke.

I thought it was a good joke.

Anyone want another joke…?

Two champs.

Its just a thread, I don’t know why people are getting so offended…

And why even say “Mods, I think this thread needs to be closed…”… If you don’t like it, then why even click it?

Anyhow, due to popular request, I guess, a new FIRST joke…
I barley passed my Programing class… I got C++. I only passed because i had some Java in my system.

This thread is already just completely ruined with people arguing over recycle rush… in may. I’m calling a flame thread if I’ve ever seen one, which is a shame because this could have been a funny thread, but nope, got to argue about recycle rush instead.

How do you kill a joke?

Bring up a touchy subject…