FIRST commerical on dicovery

I’m here in Mississauga Ontario and i was watching mythbusters
all of a sudden
there was a commercial about FIRST
it was awesome
have other people seen this before?

i havent but now im watching discovery

yea im watchin discovery channel now too,in NJ hope i see

All the more reason to watch tv for the first time in about a week or so.

Hope I catch it before I fall asleep for the night. lol

theese commercials have been playing for a while. the only thing is its on Discovery Canada. you probably wont see it anywhere in the US.

I watch the Discovery Channel daily and have yet to see any FIRST commercials. Hopefully, one day I will tough.


i get that from dishnetwork…im gonna watch it now

I was beginning to get mad at the original poster of this thread cause I thought it was a very bad April Fool’s Day joke until you posted that…

But… if it’s just in Canada… that still stinks. :frowning: BOOOO!!!

Has anyone been able up upload it or find it on the net anywhere? My friend and I are both in it and he has yet to see it. So if anyone knows where to find it, that would be great!

yeah i am surprised its not on youtube yet!

I may have found it, but it might not be the same one…

Thanks for trying, but no I don’t think thats it. It wasn’t produced by a team but played on discovery channel as a commercial for FIRST and had a lot of footage from GTR.