FIRST Community Challenge - Creating the Science and Tech Leaders of the 21st Century

A critical mandate of FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams is to create science and technology leaders. FIRST Team 1334 has taken this mandate to heart and we remain focused on encouraging an environment where science and technology leaders are idolized in a fashion similar to that of rock stars or professional athletes. In other words, creating a community that celebrates science and technology heroes. Trying to create a community often means doing a lot of promotional and volunteer work and, in our town, the FIRST teams have been very active and had a large impact on our broader community through volunteer work. We believe this is true for many FIRST teams and are issuing this challenge to have communities celebrate their science and technology heroes and also to recognize the impact FIRST participants have in their broader community through their volunteer work.

FIRST Team 1334 Oakville Trafalgar High School Red Devil Robotics challenges all FRC teams to follow our lead and have your community recognized as a FIRST Community. Let’s see who will be the 1st FIRST Community in your country, state or county. The challenge is on!

All pertinent information on the challenge and on the event we hosted can be found in this document:

Please don’t hesitate to contact regarding any questions or inquiries on the challenge.