FIRST Community Project

Hey Everyone!

Well, competition is heating up and everyone’s getting psyched about the remaining regionals and nationals. So I’ve been thinking about what makes FIRST competitions so great, and its occoured to me! However, I’m keeping it a secret for just now!

But…I am looking for a database programmer out there to help me set up a new kind of FIRSTCommunity and I need some help. I have the graphical end of it covered, and I have extensive expirence. However…my programming is not what it needs to be for something like this.

If you’re interested, and can program an online database, feel free to reply, and I’ll tell you a little more about it. The main thing is that this is gonna be kept quiet until its ready…

A sneak preview though:

The database will need:
-Basic Mail Program
-Compare and analyze data
-Store images and text, sorted by user
-Basic chat room
-Automated notification of new messages to users.

Do you or someone you know have a couple dozen hours to put into something that’ll benifit the FIRST community as a whole, AND give you a great bit of padding for your resume? If so, write back.

I can do some programming and database work, but how much of this project would be stuff that the cheifdelphi forums don’t already offer? This is a huge resource for a lot of FIRST fanatics and seems to work great.

I guess the major piece that is missing here that you mentioned is analyzing data. What kind of data would you analyze? There is another web site out there with some stats from regionals (can’t remember where it was).

Well, what this offers is NOT available on the chief delphi forums. This is in NO way intended to supplant or replace the CD forums in ANY way. This is something very different, and I’ll talk to you more about it tonight.

There is another web site out there with some stats from regionals (can’t remember where it was).

Do you mean


Do you mean

Yeah, that’s the one!

Alright, to clear things up, this isn’t entirely competition-related. The idea is that there are a TON of people out there, who rarely meet one another. My thinking is that if there were a forum based on meeting people, where people would be paired with others of similar interests and backgrounds, and also which regionals people are going to, to allow the people to talk ahead of time, and maybe meet at a regional or nationals.

What would you guys think of this?

I’ve had lots of experiance with php and mysql. I can do it, but I’m not sure if I have enough free time. Maybe if you can give me something to do now I can start since I’m on spring break and I don’t have much else to do.

Also when do you want this done by? If by next robotics season, then I’ll definately help you, it’s just that right now school takes up most of my time.

Brad… shakes head
looks up again…
no…shakes head:rolleyes:

i agree w/ pete shakes head too
:rolleyes: also

Wow Torchin it looks like your team mates really don’t want you to play “virtual match-maker”!?!?!?! Is there a story behind that? I find that if you suggest to do something and every one you know says a rousing cheer of NO’s, then there is usually a story behind it. Like me and a certain disney transportation device which is on a track and that goes all over the parks. <sigh> ahhh good times. LOL

Hoo Boy, Brad. Yeeaahh. I would probably give that a resounding NO!

Nods his head in agreement at Pete and Peiling