FIRST Community Social Events?

One of my favorite things about the FIRST competition is that, above all, competition is not a word that carries anger or resentment, but the love of a game and the spirit of gracious profesionalism. I think that one of the greatest effects of this spirit is that FIRSTers, as a group, are people who carry many of the traits that people look for in friends.

To me, there is one big problem in the FIRST community - I only am in contact with most of it during about eight weeks of the year! During the rest of the year I’ll haunt these forums, and talk to members of my team, but my contact with members of other teams has been fairly limited.

What I would like to propose is that during the off season, perhaps as often as once every month or two, there be a “FIRST Celebration” held in sites all around the country. These don’t have to occur in tandem with each other, each can be an isolated event for that region, but the idea is that we find a large area like a public park or beach, someone sets up a grill, and everyone is invited to come and meet your fellow FIRSTers.

I think that this would be a great way to open additional channels of communication, especially between teams located near each other geographically. It’s a way to build comraderie and friendship. It’s a community event, and if any community looks after it’s own, it would have to be the FIRST community.

It’s only a small risk; a few dollars to cover your food, the ride there, and the willingness to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Of course, you already have plenty of conversation fodder: "Hi, I’m John Doe, team 123… "

My question, then, is this: If such an event was taking place near you, would you attend it? Would anyone be willing to coordinate events in your respective regions? Would your team be willing to take a few hours out of a saturday to attend?

RAGE has actually held a team social in the past, and it was somewhat of a sucess, we were unable to invite a number of teams because we just lacked the space, but it was definately worth it because we were able to meet other people from other teams and have fun at the same side, and still not be considered rivals or anything like that that would go along with the competition. One of the better ideas was that there could be no team gear worn, so unless you knew everyone on another team, you wouldn’t neccisarily know who was from what team, and so people mingled a little bit better.

I would be more than down with such an idea.

South Carolinians (and those beyond willing to make a drive), how 'bout it? Surely there’s a spot around here we can get together and enjoy some good barbecue.

I could get a crew of 5 or 10 from my team. There is a pretty high density of teams in NJ so I’m sure something could be worked out.

HECK YEA!!! ** I would be the FIRST one there!! :wink:

That is really a great idea, and if we all agree to doing something like that I am more than sure that I can convince my mentors into arranging something like that down here in Florida!! :smiley:

I really do enjoy getting to know other FIRSTers, it really strengthens the bond that I have with the FIRST community and it makes me want to be here even more! So something like this where we could all lay back and just enjoy and get to know each other (outside of the competitions - where most of the time I have no time for meeting people) would ABSOLUTELY be more than fine with me!! :slight_smile:

Really great idea!

I’m either “up for that” or “down with that.” In SoCal you have both saying and I’m not sure of the difference. :confused: Either way, just let me know when and where. :slight_smile:

My team would probably go for it, I know I would. NoVa/DC area teams?

Jon, is RAGE still planning on going ahead with that special “…mania” event this year I heard about??? :wink:

If you are, count me in? Please? lol You have to make that event accessible by at least a bunch of FIRSTers from CT anyways.

I completely agree with this. I always wonder every now and then if there will ever be something like this in the future. I agree, it is a wonderful way to meet people from other teams, and would be just fantastic to see so many people from all over come and spend time with other teams. An event like this would blow me away…(not that regionals haven’t…;))

I would definitely attend an event like this. Honestly, I think my whole team would love to go to this kind of thing. They’d love it, and so would our mentors and engineers. :slight_smile:
I think our team would like to chip in a bit on some things. I’m sure we could come up with a place here in Maryland for this event.
As I said before, my team would most definitely be willing to spend a few hours and attend. Who knows, we would probably go to more than one! :smiley:
Excellent idea, Noah! :slight_smile:

HINT! save November 19. Open to the public. Details to follow!

If anyone is interested in a greater Hartford, CT social, contact one of us on RAGE. We tried last year but didn’t get the turnout we’d hoped for. Buzz? Aces High? TechnoWizards? Birds of Prey? Any others out there?

acctually every now and then Team 1089 from hightstown nj put on a little bowling thing at their local bowling alley i am not sure when the next one is but it would be pretty cool to have more NJ teams show up

Just keep us posted, Mike.

umm i know we sort of try this down by me–lol–

lovely tytus loves to have swampthing and s.p.a.m. bowling and all-- but yeah-- cool to have more get togethers with everyone-i just find ways to get with my buddies in florida-they live about 2 hrs away but it’s all good-- just meet up at places–these are small events but it’s nice to see ppl you have something way cool in common with

but it’s hard to get everyone together–cause of schedules but if i can go to an event i’m def. there :smiley:

gotta love the ppl in FIRST :slight_smile:

I think this is a really good idea as well, although I have some questions for y’all.

  1. I brought up a regional social to my team advisors. The main one said, that while he’d love to coordinate it, may team parents and/or sponsors, teachers see robotics as a purely academic 8 weeks of competition a year thing. It’s like how some parents don’t relate if you wanna fly out to visit that FIRST friend 2000 miles away. How would one get over this hurdle if it was an issue?

  2. Can the midwesterners come to all your eastern parties? ^^

All that I can say is

Y’all can read about it there :wink:

[email protected] if you have any more questions

The idea of a “FIRST Community Social Event” is exactly what we had in mind when we announced “FIRST Night At The Phillies”.

FIRST Night At The Phillies

We wanted to sponsor a social event that would allow area teams to spend time together as a team and in the company of other FIRST teams (FRC & FLL) in a relaxed setting for the simple purpose of having fun and building relationships.

We are hoping that this will be the beginning of an annual event and lead to other social opportunities for the local FIRST community.

Please spread the word!

Details are on the website above. :smiley:

whenes the last time i did a swamp and spam thing? mabye its about time for another soon?

FIRST-wide LAN Party?

Is this by any chance the same weekend as any Philly area competition? It would be an amazing combination of “attractions” to bring teams in from a little farther away if it was held the same weekend as Ramp Riot… or another competition in the vacinity. :]