First Competition 2005 Motors' Datasheet

I was wondering if someone has these data sheets below:

  • CIM motor
  • Globe Motor
  • Fisher Price Motor
  • Taigene Motor
  • Mabuchi Motor

It would help us a lot if we have any source to search about these motors, that probably will be used in the competition. Any kind of information is welcome… :slight_smile:

Many spec sheets for this year can be found at the 2005 FRC Specification Sheets page.

Fisher Price Motor (one attached to the gearbox)

Mabuchi Motor

I will post more links to other spec sheets as they become available.

I think it’s neglagent of them not to have all the spec sheets in the kit!
how can we work with the engines if we dont know their max Amp draw?
were using the 20 amp breakers at the moment, but can we get more juice?
and if so, for which motors?
we need the spec sheets!


Thanks for Mabuchi spec sheet. But we need much more. I’m with Leav, it gets really hard start working with engines that we don’t know anything about. If any of you get new spec sheets or know where they are available, please contact us.

In the guidelines_c.pdf file available off the website, there is a table with the information your looking for - amperage, free speed, torque, wattage, and voltage. Go to: .

Thanks Seth!

just one thing though: it seems that according to this pdf, all the motors we got are rated for more than 40 amps, so theorecticly i could run them all with the 40 amp circuit breaker if i wanted to?


Am I loosing my mind or is the data for the Atwood (black motor that we have 4 of this year) not on that page.

Yea found it!