First Competition

I was wondering where everyone else is going for their first Regional.
Our first regional is New Jersey Regional.
We are so excited that was can finally put our hard work to the test.
Only 1 more day!!!

Oh I am so happy that we aren’t competing yet!

Best of luck to you and have an awesome time! Remember, you’ve put in all the person-power and hard work, now is the time that you get to enjoy it!

The NJ Regional has come up so fast…its like time just flew by me. Usually I have a week or two to get all my stuff in place but this year its all been in a rush - no time to rest - just work and have fun.

Arizona. I’m looking forward to the regional with some of the best food in the west!

Greater Toronto (GTR) its our only one this year :frowning:

We also usually have a week or 2 before we have to go somewhere but this year we had 5 working days, and we didnt finish our OI yet. but we got it done.

Arizona, our one and only competition.

FLR!! I can’t wait for my home regional. Week 2. See ya’ll there! only 1 week left. :smiley:

San Jose has better, best of any regional I’ve been too.

I’ll be at VCU this weekend.


I’ll be at the UTC New England Regional next week. :cool:

1293’s first is Palmetto. It’s a heck of a regional, partially due to the teams it attracts and the week-five, finally-got-the-kinks-worked-out nature of the event. My personal season-starter, though, is the Florida Regional. Hands-down, it’s the toughest regional in the South.

237’s first comp is at UTC next weekend. But a few of us are going down to Jersey to check out the comp this weekend.

862’s first regional is Great Lakes next week.

Good luck to everyone competing.

114’s first regional is Portland, which starts TOMORROW!!! :ahh:

I am so excited to start competition and look forward to playing with and against some awsome robots!!!

See ya all there,

Mike C.

our first is Lone Star… 29 days away ahhh too long

Yep, what she said… lol I’ll be in NJ this Friday night/Saturday/Sunday with some of my team and the rest of our NJ friends.

Then it’s off to Hartford, CT for 237’s first competition.

Portland here.

We’re packing the last of our tools and junk up right now, and leaving in a few hours.

Can’t wait for competition, if only because it means I can’t be in the shop until 2 AM everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

1568’s first competion is in Manchester, and then Boston, the team is going up tomorrow morning, im going up friday evening, college exam is the one thing keeping me back!!

Our one and only competition this year, VCU. (We were going to do either Chesapeake or Nats, but we ran into budget problems)