FIRST Conf. white papers

Does anyone know when / where FIRST will post the presentations from the FIRST conference in Atlanta? I had several students attend and they are required to give a short talk in the coming weeks. It would help them a lot if the presentations were available.

If your students attended my electrical conference and need some info please PM me. First is planning on making all presentation available but I am having a hard time getting my file uploaded and may need to snail mail a CD. Let me know.

The presentations should be posted here: when they become available.

Thanks for the “where” information. FIRST sent me an email this moring telling me that it will be a few weeks before they can edit all the audio files and synchronizing them with the presentations.

Looks like many of the PDFs of the slides were posted today at the previously mentioned link.

I checked the site and our electrical paper has the 2006 presentation. If anyone needs the updated version (with this year’s hardware) let me know. There is not a lot of difference but there is some and the new version includes a table of wire foot values and tool and wire part numbers shown in the slides.