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Hello Everyone,
I have a question regarding the consent and release… The online version was not working for someone on my team member’s parents, so they just filled out a paper copy. Is this sufficient or do they need to do the online one as well? Also, the paper form is for our district… Is there a different paper form for just FIRST in general, because I know in prior years there was a FIRST consent and release online and then a District specific consent and release online. Is there a paper copy for both of these or just for the district specific consent and release? is the district consent and release form only enough to attend the competition?

I know this is a bit of a late post since my team is competing in week 2, but my team mate was worrying whether just the District consent and release form is enough and whether he would be able to attend the competition

Thanks for any input!

I don’t know about district-specific but for the official FIRST forms from HQ, you can do the forms on paper or online through STIMS. You can find the form and instructions here:

I know it says 2016-2017 but it shouldn’t matter. HQ always says that everyone should register online but I’ve never had a problem using paper forms.

Keep in mind that if the student is attending more than one event, you’ll need more than one copy of the paper form since the event will collect and keep them. I’d recommend having all of the students turn in the forms to the mentor prior to the event and the mentor either scanning all of them or making several copies of each form. Have enough for all of your scheduled events (Regional/District qualifiers) and potential events (District CMP, FIRST Championship).

Honestly, the folks at pit admin LOVED it when I came in with ALL paper copies of my teams roster, in alphabetical order. You will be completely fine.

Does anyone have the 2018-2019 copy? I am still worried regarding the older form as on the bottom of it, it says version 8/2/16, and I do not know whether the wording of the consent and release has changed at all since then?


As FIRST is trying to force people to do Consent & Release online, I believe they stopped publishing the printable version on their website. I am certain that I have seen teams use the 2016 form this year. I’ve even seen teams use older forms with the old logo. They even do it at Champs. Should not be an issue (and if it is, you can ask pit admin for the new version!).

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Thanks very much for your help!

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