FIRST cribs - A chance?

Hey guys.

I’ve seen people send pictures of their workshops lately and I came up with this idea even BEFORE that (no show-off, really!):


After watching some of the President’s Circle responses and seeing how many responses there were, I thought of the following idea:
Like the Cribs show, where celebrities show where the live, how 'bout FIRST teams showing off their labs/working areas?

My idea is to get to know how other team’s labs and working area’s look like, so that others can learn from them and make their labs look as best as them or even better.

Just upload a video showing your lab (can be shown with the team members working or without), maximum 10 min. allowed, upload it to YouTube and send the link to the post.

Anyone up to the challenge? I think I’m about to. :slight_smile:

btw, (please no flame), 200 posts in CD!

i like this idea…i gotta get a DV cam for next time im at the shop…till then i may make a photo slide show.

i defiantly would like to see some of the other teams shops :slight_smile:


Can I send in video of my buddy’s FIRST inspired basement? Complete with lifting overhead lights, extruded aluminum and lexan bar, robotic beverage dispenser*, and other nice things… it’s still in the works, but we hope to finish it in time for some nice little get-togethers. :cool:

Team 648’s shop is small, and doesn’t have much in the way of cool things (tear no toys). Only the free use of machinery within the sponsor’s shop.

*I don’t drink alcohol and everyone that lives there is above 21.

yeah same here teams 675’s shop is really small as well we lost half of it to the art class. and had to share the little space with shop, but now the teacher that does robotic also teaches shop. i will talk to our team and see if there up to making a video.

Back at Team 228, we had our own machine/storage room (about 14’ x 18’, and painted to match our team colors) devoted just for our team that’s located right off of the main workshop (which is about 40’ x 60’). Here’s some pics from our machine room and the workshop:

(Most of the general tools in the workshop, like the drill presses, band saws, table saws, etc. are located behind the person who was taking the picture. Note the banners on the wall. ;))

Ok, picutre submitions, videos, anything goes. Any place you work that has a relation to FIRST would be nice. But you know what, if you’ve seen any kind of cool workshop, send stuff about it too. Just please send links to here.

Oh, and I’m going to film my cribs today, so stay tuned.

and thanks for the replies soo far.

BTW, this reminds me of the old CNC lab we had last year. Man, we’re gonn’a have to find some good tools sponsers.

I’d definately be interested; 1629 is very lucky to have a large enough shop and meeting area to have a full practice field with space left over (we’re in part of an old warehouse; two schools, 25 miles apart, means we can’t meet in either high school). I have some pictures already, I’ll have to dig them up and post them. I’ll try to get a video some time soon, too.

the G.R.R teams 340 424 are going to make a video of are shop soon.

Sigh…anyone know where I can buy a camcorder to usb cable in Israel? :frowning:

We’re in the process of setting up our new site.
Pictures coming soon.



It’s an amazing place for sure!

I like the idea!
will be providing pics asap. :slight_smile:

team xbot just moved into a newly constructed building on Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, WA along with the Microsoft Research group that hosts us. It’s Building 99, though I suggested they should renumber it as 488 – and I wasn’t really kidding.

Here’s a look around:
This is the atrium. The workshop is just off to the left. But first…
you’ll have to walk past the latte bar. This is Seattle, after all.
This is the entrance to the shop from the atrium. We’re still moving, obviously. Most of this stuff doesn’t belong to the team, but some of it does.
Just inside the entrance is the small monitor. :slight_smile:
This is where a lot of work is done by MSR folks. We solder here sometimes.
This is hiding behind some boxes in the last photo. It’s an SLA machine rapid prototyping.
Heading back into the second room, you find most of the manufacturing equipment – still in a state of disarray. The banner proves I’m not making this stuff up, I guess.
Looking back the other way.
This is tucked into a corner. It’s a 48"x48" CNC plasma cutter with a 12"x24" CO2 laser cutter hiding in the bottom corner.
Another nook has storage. Yay for storage.
Mr. Lathe. It’s CNC, but we never use it that way; it’s a pain in the behind.
Better look at plasma cutter.
Drill press. Thrilling. We also have a milling machine that’s camera shy.
Heading back into the atrium now, we run across the bigger monitor. It’s a projection screen that must be 30’ across.
Meeting time! When the team needs to get together in one place, we can book a meeting on this nifty touch screen for…
one of the conference rooms.
Here’s a smaller conference room.
If we get bored, there’s this. It’s free.

The new building is very nice, obviously, and we’ve got quite a bit more space to play around in. The atrium is more than large enough to hold a full-sized playing field, but we don’t think Bill and friends would appreciate that very much just yet. We’re working on it. :slight_smile:

Jealousy.:rolleyes: and you continue to make me even more jealous by the time I write this :o

wow! thats really great… how did you get the pinball machine?! xD

OK Madison, your crib’s ridiculous :cool: (fo shizzle).

Seriously, how many teams does Microsoft sponsor? Do any other teams use the space at Bldg. 99?