FIRST Croc Charms

I tend to enjoy wearing my Crocs a TON in the off season and when I’m not in the shop. Does anyone know of a place to order FIRST Robotics inspired Croc charms? If not, would that be something that team members would be interested in?


Would they be edible?


More serious answer :). I’ve not heard of anything yet. However, a few thoughts…

I sense this could be a great opportunity for someone with a 3d printer to design and manufacture a few nifty things… potentially even sell them for a team fundraiser!

I know @Katie_UPS has done some FIRST-related Etsy things in the past… not sure how hard it is to set up a storefront there or not, but perhaps she’s got some info?

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Just remember not to wear them in the shop!

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Search Etsy for “Robot Jibbitz” and they’ll come up. Jibbitz is the official name of croc charms.

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