First Custom chassis

So despite all the bad of this past weekend having our chop saws, drill presses, socket sets, new vex motors and gearboxes, our climbing device and yes even our game piece we have managed to have put together our first custom rolling chassis.

Robo it looks like your picture links are broken. You might need to re-add them in the post.

All fixed thanks

Are your front wheels going to be unpowered?

Yeah were going to use them unpowered for now to test on the obstacles but if it does work then we will but in a double pulley to have it be driven

You further along than we are. (My team is so behind)
So Why did you decide to make a custom chassis?

The AndyMark chassis had not gotten the update until after we planned on the chassis we also wanted a new design challenge this year. So we are planning on being able to shoot high low and hang and have a custom chassis.