Looks like Randall Munroe is a FIRST fan:

Darn, look’s like he must have been listening in on Team 190’s design meetings. Back to the drawing board. :frowning:

(btw Randall, you will be hearing from our lawyers).


I love how there is like 4 or 5 posts with this same thing it. Made me laugh. GG.


I love this, but unfortunately, there are a few rule infractions here:

  1. No part may detach from the robot.
  2. That is WAY above the height limitation, even during the FINALE.
  3. There are no bumpers on the robot.

So if you were thinking about using this design, make sure the tower stays connected to the robot and within the frame perimeter which is surrounded by bumpers, and only extends to 60". Maybe a really intense light focused onto the sensor would work.

Wow, that is awesome.

I love how within 20 minutes of the comic going up there were three threads about it on CD already. I love you all.

If only the alt text had been something to the effect of “Should’ve thought of this to keep the static down last year!” I would literally be rolling on the floor.

Two thumbs up for this comic!

I love it!

Does this mean Randall is mentoring a team in the Cambridge, MA area?

Improved design: drop the telescoping pole with lighter, use an IR laser instead!

Can we get an official count on how many rules are broken?

OH EM GEE! I was so excited when I saw the “FIRST Design” in my bookmark, I didn’t believe it would actually be FIRST. I had the thought…=]


Looks like our next team update will need to include a new definition of “field elements”… =]

It’s in the referee’s certification exam?

Okay, so I’d like to settle this once and for all. I didn’t see anything in this year’s rule book about lasers being illegal, but as far as I remember, it’s been in the ones from every other year. Does that mean that lasers are legal this year, or am I remembering the past incorrectly? Obviously, lasers would have to pass safety inspection, so if there was a bad use for one, or it was pointed at eye-level for anybody, it would be banned, but I can think of several great uses.

I’ll start the count:

  1. No bumpers

  2. Detaching mechanism

2a. The robot probably has two power sources (and possibly two controllers) since both the robot and the detached mechanism are actively moving at the same time. Theoretically this could be done by a complicated spring/catch system using only stored energy, hence the sub-point.

  1. Definitely extends above 60" and probably 90", and it’s not touching a tower

  2. Open flame plus interacting with elements outside the arena = definite safety violation

  3. Umbrella is definitely extending outside the frame perimeter

  4. Sprinklers would cause field destruction

  5. The last frame clearly shows the robot in possession of two balls

that’s all I can think of for now…probably are more thoug


I’ll keep the penalty log on that one, Nuttyman. (Though 7 is not the case; it’s using one to herd another.) I’ll also add some more.

1–<S04>, penalty, possible Yellow Card
2–<G41>, penalty, possible Red Card, and with it causing a rainstorm inside, that possible is a definite.
3–<S04> or <G30>; either way, penalty and possible Yellow Card
4–<S01>, penalty, disablement
5–<G30>, penalty, Yellow Card
6–<G26>, potential disablement
8–strategy aimed at robot destruction/disablement–<G36>, Yellow Card

Yellow Card:2-4 (intentionality says 4)
Red Card:1-3, depending on how many yellow cards are pulled.

That robot would be tied up in inspection for the rest of the event, under instructions from the Head Ref.

Please post all official game related questions in the correct Q&A forum with your team’s TIMS account.


I demand a team update that allows this specific design to be legal! :stuck_out_tongue: