FIRST Documentary on PBS

Houston PBS will televise a documentary on May 21st at 8:00 p.m. CST on FIRST. The documentary is called Wits, Grits and Robot games. The documentary will air locally in the Houston Metro area and then have a national release. For more info go to the website at

nice, anyone think they can tape that and then rip it?

*Originally posted by Nataku *
**nice, anyone think they can tape that and then rip it? **

i would like to see it too

me three

Me four.

omigosh! outside of my cable area… by about only a few hundred miles. if anyone gets a rip lemme know.

Yepp, I’d take a rip…

So contact me if there’s any possibility to get it…

Thx, Phil

maybe the person who started the post lives in the area it will be played in, or i just hope that someone can tape it for us

erm…me six!

*Originally posted by Nataku *
**nice, anyone think they can tape that and then rip it? **

(I would like to see it too, BTW.:))

Soo…what of the tape?

Hmmmm… I’d love to see that too… that would be interesting…


Huston PBS Listing for Wits, Grits, and Robot Games

As far as I can figure, it isn’t a national PBS program, nor was it show here in Northern Virginia on WETA.
Anyone tape it?


Planing and then doing somethign is harder then expected.

Neither us here in the old paw-paw patch in southern Virginia.


now…here is the question, who got it on tape??

Any how, I would be interesting to see how they made the tape.

PBS in our area just broadcast this program (Sunday, Sept. 1). Alas, no one saw it coming and we missed it.

However, it should be played nationally on directv and disk network on Sept. 29 at 3:30-4:30. That’s according to the PBS program guide (

Andrew, Team 356

Finally, I can brag about having Dish Network :stuck_out_tongue:

It says it follows 3 teams around. Sombody’s gotta know which 3. Second, it says it’s playing on Sep. 19 at 8pm here in MN.