FIRST Double Jeopardy! (5/28)

600 points for this one: Long before slavery was a huge issue, it was the first state to have a colored regiment of soldiers.

You’re too easy to guess, Eddie… that would be Rhode Island.


Georga is my guess. No offense to Georgians, just a guess.


What is South Carolina?


What is North Carolina?


What is Louisiana?

Hmm … Rhode Island seems like what you’d want, but I can argue that slavery was indeed a huge issue during the revolutionary period (though, admittedly, not as much as during the civil war).

Anyway, because I’m pedantic, and an anal-retentive engineer in training, let me proceed to over-analyze your question, and find ambiguity where no sane person would :wink:

Thus, my answer is: What is China? Seeing how you didn’t specify a state in the United States of America, I must assume you meant the most general definition of the term, which is, basically, a soverign entity (like a country). Now, the Chinese aren’t white, so I assume that classifies them as “colored.” I don’t know the exact timeline of things, so I could be wrong, but I think China is one of the earliest countries to have an organized military. Also, hate to be picky again (actually, no I don’t :p), but slavery was an issue back then too. I suppose it depends on how big is “huge.” Oh well … since I was beaten to the predictable answer, I’ll stick to this one :smiley:


Just out of pure stupidity, can I try South Carolina as a guess?

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**Just out of pure stupidity, can I try South Carolina as a guess? **

I don’t think so. SlamminSammy already posed that answer.

What is Kansas?


Just cause I wanted to answer

Rhode Island is correct. I forget what year it was exactly, but during the revolution, the RI 1st Colored Infantry valiantly defended Portsmouth from British attack, saving Newport in the process.