FIRST Double Jeopardy! (7/29)

Check back around 22:00 again.

For 200, News is the acronym for this.

What is North, East, West, South? (lol)

What is the Naval Electronic Warfare Simulator?

or it could be…

What is Network extensible Window System? (we seem to be running into a slight problem here).

What is Naval Environmental Watch Steward or NetWare Early Warning System or Network Windowing System or Naval Electronic Warfare Simulator or North East West South?

(I think I got them all…)

Holy multiple answers, Batman!

I say 200 points to everyone!! =-]

Pfft. That took all of about 1.5 seconds.

Never, ever wear suede.

Not gonna work this time. I’m taking Joel’s answer, and only his (although now that I think about it, srjjs is right too :rolleyes: ).