First Dreams

Over the past few nights i have had dreams about Robotics. Since 2005 was my rookie season i wonder if i am alone in the random dreams about a new project to work on or even the new game?

Welcome to FIRST, side effects may include an addiction to CD, loss of social life for 6-8 weeks a year and, in some rare cases, many more, an obsession for all things mechanical or programming, crazy random dreams and thoughts about designs or games, and in some extreme cases, an affinity for polished surfaces, learning more about first, and famous FIRST members (a.k.a. JVN, Dave Lavery, Dean Kamen, etc.).

Should you experience any of these side effects, one must not worry.

I can tell you close to everyone here (or at least myself) have these experiences quite often. :smiley:

I dunno about dreams, but if I’m not otherwise occupied, my mind tends to wander off into ideas for neat robotics projects to do with the kids and all. When we actually do one of these bright ideas, you guys will be the first ones to know.

I have lots of dreams that include people I’ve met through robotics; not necessarily doing FIRST related things. :slight_smile:

I’m so hooked on FIRST I’m amazed I don’t have FIRST related dreams.

I don’t dream about FIRST but ill see some random thing and it sparks long chain of ideas. I’m often seem just standing drooling out the side of my mouth as creative ideas occupy what little free space of my brain I have, thus my screen name :D.

Don’t feel too bad, I’ve been doing FIRST for about 8 years now, and I randomly wake up at like 4 in the morning and can’t sleep because of an idea that popped into my head. Then I just pace and develop the idea until I finally just tire myself out and go to sleep or have to go to class. Sometimes it’s FIRST related, but it’s always engineering related.

My FIRST dreams involve losing students in Atlanta or not having the appropriate medical release forms along when we travel. Of course some of my FIRST dreams are about good things like returning to Orlando or building a kick-keister drive system.

Welcome to FIRST!


Join the club! Same exact thing happens to me. 4,5,6 in the morning, and FLL at the middle school is raging through my head, or a new mechanical idea, programming strategy, team management theory, something.

As for dreams about FIRST, the most recent memorable but strange one took place at some big colloseum, stadium, etc. Top of the stands were decorated with the logo, many people were cheering, but I never saw a bot. I can’t remember the other dreams I’ve had.

It’s perfectly normal, they should disappate by the 3rd season you are in. If you sill have dreams, I might suggest getting in contact with a psycologist.

I have also had a few dreams relating to FIRST… I normally have more dreams during build season and competition season, not many in the off season…


During build season i dont dream about FIRST, becasue i dont get enough sleep to dream. But occasionally, i come up with some crazy idea while im asleep and then try to figure it out.

my current day dream has been on/off my mind for the past two weeks is a real sheik electrics box. Ive gotten my inspiration from the classic Cylons and integrated it with my team theme. Its kind of going to be my crowning piece this year. drool… Is it just me or does anyone else look at their work as an art form?

I think I’ve got you beat. At volleyball camp last week, I not only dreamt about robotics, I yelled about it in my sleep, according to my unhappy roommate.

i have had that happen. but withe mine my teams robot in the middle of a compotion caught fire and then one by one every one started to disappear and i was the only one to fix it and then i woke up screaming

A version of that did actually happen to my team! During one of the final rounds at PARC, our robot completely died right before the match started. Most of the experienced members of the team were back home taking the Sat’s or something so it was a mad rush trying to figure out what had happened. We did find a loose connection and were able to fix it with only a few seconds before we had to forfeit.

P.S. Thank you to all the teams over last season who lent us materials and tools (especially the refs at PARC who pulled out their Leathermans and probably gave us some extra time)

Maybe you are one of those psychic mediums, who is able to predict the future through strange feelings and dreams. Have you seen any orbs in your photos lately? Any pennies popping up in strange places?


I had dreams about robotics…the problem was that they were during Lit & Comp :smiley:

The only first related dream I have ever had is when I dreamed that team 245 beat me up. It was the night after we lost to them at nationals this year.