First E-mail blast

last season I joined the email blast system and it was very helpful. it really helped me a lot especially since i was a rookie and didn’t know where to look for all the dates and stuff. anyway, at the end of the season I un-subscribed from the system because I thought my team is gonna close, but fortunately it didn’t close and we’re going for another season. so i decided to re-join the system, but apparently it’s impossible. at the top of all the messages there’s a link to join:

but the link doesn’t work, it leads to domain name company offering to sale the domain:

i really want to join again, please help me and tell me how.


I have the same problem. My email address changed over the summer and I have been unable to rejoin.

We will have to wait for FIRST to fix the problem and trust that others on CD will continue to post FIRST email blasts.


I have heard rumor that the blasts will only be open to team leaders and alternates this year (I don’t remember where). I am on the list and I will post them on here as soon as I get them.

Use the "Join Our Mailing List " link from the bottom of the FIRST home page.
You just send them an email requesting to be put on the mailing list rather than use the listserve they had setup in prior years.

I’ve e-mailed them a couple times now…I was put on the list and received only one message. I e-mailed them again and they said I had inadvertantly been taken off the list, but I still never received any more. I’ll give a third go, but I think I may be relying on CD for all my blasts from now on.


Yes, please continue to post the e-mail blasts for those of us unable (for whatever reason) to get put back on the mailing distribution list.

Never heard of it, but I believe it is happening. We no longer get the blasts with our team e-mail, but I still receive them (alternate contact).

I used to get the emails, then they stopped coming over the summer. At someone on the forum’s urging, I sent an email and was told “welcome back to the list!” A few weeks later, I stopped receiving email blasts again.

Though it was nice to get the emails, reading them on CD works just as well. =)

Hey Kathie I noticed you received the latest Blast :cool:

I get two copies, because I must have signed up twice by accident. They arrive about 20 minutes apart.

Yes, I guess whatever I did finally worked!
[Please share the latest blast with your teams so we get some great conference presentation proposals coming in…]