**FIRST EMAIL**/2005 Team Survey Available Now On-Line!

Hello. This is an important announcement for all FIRST Robotics Competition teams. Please share this information with the rest of your team in a timely manner. If you think that other members of your team would also like to receive these announcements, please encourage them to sign up at http://listserv.leapit.com/cgi-bin/lyris.pl?join=frcpublic.

If you would like to stop receiving these messages, please see the bottom of this message for instructions.

Greetings Teams:

For those who did not get the opportunity to attend a Team Forum but would like to give Feedback to FIRST on how we can improve your experience, please take the time to fill out this survey by clicking here

For those who have filled out this survey at a Team Forum many thanks for taking the time to provide us this valuable information. You may submit your responses until June 24th, 2005. All of the information collected from both these surveys and the feedback from the Team Forums will be posted on our website.

Thank you for your help.

Go Teams!

On a tangent, when the heck were the team forums? I heard no announcements of any kind. All I know is that Canada has had one.

Has anyone else? If not, do they mean this is for anyone who can’t attend a team forum, or are they really done/not being held?

This seems quite strange

  15. Did your team program the robot or use the Default Code provided in the control system? 

Programmed the Robot
Used the Default Cod

I think that there is a spelling mistake in the survey. I think they meant code not cod.

Is this one response per team?

I never heard about any team forums either… and I always go to the team forum in SE Michigan. When did I miss the anouncement?

There was a team forum held on May 18 at Michigan State University. I think it took the place of the SE Michigan; it’s the one my team went to, and we normally go to the SE Michigan forum.

Some of the forums have already been held and I believe a few are still to come. This year FIRST let the regional committees run their own team forum so to find out when the one in your area is, I recommend you contact the nearest regional committee.

That’s my understanding as well - there was a single forum in Lansing taking the place of the separate forums on each side of the state from last year. The Chicago forum was held the night before the Michigan one (May 17th).

As far as notification, I believe it was left up to the regional coordinators this year to schedule the forums and notify their teams. I know in the Midwest region, the announcement was sent out to the teams’ primary contacts.

The forums are being held individually by the regional committees, if at all.

I believe FIRST is asking for one response per team.

The Boilermaker Regional Team Forum is being held tonight at 7:30 at the Holiday Inn Select Airport Conference Center, by the Indianapolis Airport. A notice was sent to the teams attending the regional. If you have not heard anything, perhaps there isn’t a forum being held in your area.