**FIRST EMAIL**/2008 FLL Season Now Open!

Greetings *FIRST *LEGO League (FLL) Participants:

Welcome to the 2008 FLL Climate Connections Season as well as FLL’s 10th Birthday! To those of you that have been with us for all or some of the 10 seasons, we send you a warm birthday greeting, and hope you will be with us again this season. We also welcome our new teams and look forward to having you with us for many years to come!

This season teams will explore the climate, from what it is, to how it affects life on earth, to all things in between…

Whether the climate be cold, or whether the climate be hot
The climate is different all over
What is it like in your spot?
In Climate Connections
Solutions and questions - of many dimensions
Wait for FLL teams and robots!

So, let’s get started! Please read the following important registration overview information.

**Registration will close when all slots are filled. ** This usually happens sometime after mid-September. Please note that FLL materials (Robot Set and Field Setup Kit) must be ordered by this deadline, but are subject to product availability. The maximum capacity is 7,600 teams (US and Canada.)

We highly encourage early registration, product ordering, and payment to ensure timely receipt of program materials. FLL Robot Sets and the registration packets (Coaches’ Handbooks and introductory DVDs) begin to ship in May. Field Setup Kits begin to ship in August.

There is a surge in registrations mid-August onward. If you place your order during this time period, you may experience a delay in order processing.

On to Registering, but, first

** Checklist of information you will need to register:**

  • Coach e-mail address (can be updated or changed until early October). Please provide an email address that can receive outside emails.
    Many school firewalls do not accept outside emails, so check before registering. You may decide to use your personal e-mail which is fine; - Shipping address (no postal boxes);

  • Billing address;

  • Payment method. If paying by credit card, billing address must match credit card statement. If you use a purchase order (PO) as the payment method, and the number is not available, enter “TBD” in the PO number field. Include your team number and Order ID number on the mailed check or faxed or mailed PO. Payment cannot be credited properly without this information!

  • List of materials you will buy. A complete list can be found at “Product Description and Pricing” posted on the FLL Registration page)
    Order “To Knows” and Tips!

  • We encourage you to order early! A dramatic surge in registration/orders begins mid-August. If you place your order during this rush, expect at least a two-week turnaround for delivery once LEGO Education/Spectrum receives your payment.

  • Receiving a team number does not mean your team is registered!
    Your order is not complete until you click “Place Order” and see an on-line order confirmation on the screen. Print it out and retain it for your records. To be registered your team must complete the order process and provide payment. Be sure to complete your on-line order before sending your PO or Check! - The $200 USD/$235 CAD Team Registration fee is mandatory and non-refundable.

  • The Field Setup Kit purchase is non-refundable. Tip! We encourage you to purchase the Field Setup Kit early. These go fast – once the supply is gone there is no additional way to get one.

  • The registration system can only calculate US pricing. Canadian pricing is provided for reference. Canadian teams will receive an invoice from Spectrum Educational Supplies based on Canadian pricing; shipping and applicable taxes will be added to your invoice.

  • The Team Registration fee does not include the Field Setup Kit, FLL Robot Set, or participation in an event.
    To register your team(s), go to the *FIRST *web site http://www.usfirst.org/ and click on the FLL registration link. On the FLL Registration Page, you will find important information pertaining to registration, such as steps to complete a team registration, product description and pricing, and contact information.

Welcome back for the 2008 Climate Connections Challenge!


FLL Staff