**FIRST EMAIL**/2008 FRC Competition Manual Sections Posted

Greetings Teams:

The following sections of the 2008 FRC Competition Manual are now available for download here, http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=452

  • Section 0 - Introduction
  • Section 1 - Communication
  • Section 2 - Team Organization
  • Section 3 - At the Events
  • Section 5 - The Awards
    Section 4 - Robot Transportation will be available some time in December.
    Please be aware that the instructions for shipping your robot using the FedEx donation have been changed for 2008. This season, teams that utilize the generous donation will ship their robots via FedEx Freight ***not ***FedEx Express Freight (international exceptions may apply). Watch for specific guidelines in Section 4 and detailed instructions on www.usfirst.org.

The remaining game-related sections will be encrypted and available for download on January 5th, 2008, after the Kickoff.

Go Teams!

Ladies & gentlemen, start your engines!

What no game hint? :cool:

Longest six weeks of the year followed by the shortest six weeks of the year!

I need a game hint soon.:ahh:

From “At The Events”, a new policy to reduce wasted practice match time: (It think this is a really good change.)

Emphasis mine.

Game hint usually comes around December 20th, I think. Guess they don’t want us to go too crazy. :rolleyes:

I like this whole filler line concept, but everyone always misses practice matches to pass inspection. Me thinks this “Filler Line” will be infamous for being extremely long in the later hours of Thursday. :ahh:

I have a feeling that letting out parts of the game until kickoff letter by letter is of Dave’s doing to make us all go crazy… On another note I like this filler line deal and since my job [as controls] really doesn’t get too messy for the most part, I am always trying to get the bot inspected. Now this is a kind of “incentive” for our team to actually get inspected sooner, preferably as soon as we uncrate!

Okay… here’s the game hint:

“Purple pants! Purple pants!” said Einstein, while bathed in electrons.
“Where are my pyjamas?”

Now, just to be clear, that isn’t the OFFICIAL game hint… but I can guarantee you that it is just as helpful at predicting anything useful around this year’s game as previous hints have been at predicting those games.

Be patient, kickoff will be here all too soon.



Having a team miss a scheduled practice is the last thing that the your inspection team wants. As far as I am concerned, no team should ever miss a practice due to the inspection process (the only excuse being a serious safety concern by the inspector).

I suggest that you talk to your lead inspector as soon as possible and explain what happened to your team in the past. He or she can be contacted via your Regional Director.

If you had a “legitimate” experience issue, the LI and RD will make sure that it does not happen again. Note that I placed legitimate in quotes. Most teams miss matches because either they can not operate or they choose not to practice (it happens more often than you would think…).



I agree with Mike. When your team is called for a scheduled practice match, inspection should be suspended until your team returns to the pit and your inspector is available again. Teams and inspectors need to work with each other to minimize inspection delays, but making it to scheduled practice matches has to be the priority. (Unless your robot is a safety hazard on the field – fixing THAT is an even higher priority.)

Uh…Methinks the Filler Line will be very quiet and the inspection line will be extremely long!!! (Then reversing right at the end of practice matches).

What I’m curious about is how the filler line will be handled at the Championship. With such a large distance between the pit and the field, the line will probably have to be on the Georgia Dome floor; unfortunately, that makes teams in the pit unable to ascertain the length of the line. So, will FIRST have a volunteer on the path from the pit to the dome to tell people the status of the filler line? Or maybe a little counter on the pit displays?

I think you misunderstood me, and I was over generalizing. It is not the fault of the inspector that we miss practice matches, but our own, becuase we choose to fix problems earlier in the day and work through a practice match. We could chose to wait, but we’d rather get practice in at the end of the day with a complete robot than get in more practice with a less complete one.

Also, as BAE is a first week regional, usually the first 5 or so practice matches average about 2 teams showing up. I would assume other teams are making the same choices as we are.

My experiences with inspectors have been very positive. I can still recall fondly the first inspector we ever had, who told us we had to rewire a significant part of our ground wiring (we ran out of black wire near the end of the season :o). Managing to stay in someones good graces after telling them they have to rewire a robot, is a skill I’d love to have. :rolleyes:

Having read through the sections, I am quite pleased. Lessons from 2007 were integrated, Chairman’s and WFA winners get recognized in the first section of the manual, the awards section is the easiest to follow that I’ve ever read, and there aren’t any head-scratchers. (Alright, so I wouldn’t mind if FIRST standardized on the use of the title of “Regional Champion” instead of alternating with “Regional Winner” in half of the places…but that’s another story.)

I, for one, am glad to see that FIRST has already clearly addressed the issue of machine tools in the pits and team-provided machine shops in sections 3.9.13 and 3.9.14, respectively (instead of leaving it to the second week of regionals as in 2007).

The gist of it is that bench-top tools band saws, drill presses, sanders, CNCs and the like are permitted, as are team-provided mobile machine shops if they provide their own liability coverage and power supply.

A suggestion regarding missed practice and excessive machining in the pits. I know stuff happens, but if every team tries to have there robot ready to practice by the final weekend of build, more robots will be ready to practice and be inspected right out the box at the regional.

PS I admit that my team has been a pretty big offender on this issue :o


So has my team.

If you know you have Thursday to finish up stuff, you tend to guarantee that there will be stuff to finish up on Thursday. It’s a kinda self-fulfilling prophesy…


I’m very glad to see this, too. The Thunderchickens are due to visit St. Louis, a Week 1 event again this year. With a little preparation, these policies on power tools should allow them operate the way they wanted to last year. It is good to have reasonable rules spelled out in advance so everyone knows what to expect.

As has been discussed extensively in other threads, teams participating in Week 1 events deserve the same advantages as those who participate later in the season. Props to FIRST for making their power tool policy clear well in advance.

If you redline it, I will help you get it to the people who can update it.

Standardizing on one title would be good. I prefer “Winner” rather than “Champion” to describe teams on the alliance that wins the final elimination matches.

“Champion” would be appropriate for teams that are the sole representatives of one event to compete at a higher level – but that’s not the way FIRST works. Each Regional Event can be represented by several teams at the FRC Championship Event, and winning the eliminations is only one way that a team can become one of those representatives.