**FIRST EMAIL**/2009 Kit of Parts Now Available in Autodesk Inventor and Design Comp.

Greetings Teams:

We have the following important information to share with you from Autodesk:

The 2009 Kit of Parts are designed in Autodesk Inventor Professional and available through the Autodesk FIRSTbase website at: https://firstbasefrc.autodesk.com/?nd=kitofparts .

The Autodesk Design Competition is now open and the 2009 criteria is posted on: https://firstbasefrc.autodesk.com/?nd=competition

If you have questions, please use the “Contact Us” link on the Autodesk FIRSTbase website at https://firstbasefrc.autodesk.com/?nd=home to direct your inquiry to the right place.

Best of luck to all teams this season!

Go Teams!

I hope SolidWorks is next?