**FIRST EMAIL**/2010 FIRST Robotics Conference Tickets/Be Prepared for Robot Inspect.

Greetings Teams:

With two exciting weeks of FRC Competition Events behind us, we are looking forward to an exhilarating Week 3! We would like to share some friendly reminders with you this week; many of which are derived from the feedback received during Events that have take place thus far:

  • Tickets for the 2010 FIRST Robotics Conference
    : If you will be joining us in Atlanta for the Championship, don’t forget to purchase your tickets to the seventh annual FIRST Robotics Conference! The Conference will include dozens of presentations from experienced FIRST team members, college and university representatives, and professionals covering a wide variety of topics in science, technology, engineering, and robotics fields. Advanced passes will be available until April 9, 2010. For full details, please visit: http://usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/firstplace/content.aspx?id=11300 - Be Prepared for Robot Inspection!
    If your team waits until the last possible moment to come to the robot inspection station, or if your team is not adequately prepared when you get there, you may end up missing scheduled matches. Please review the robot inspection list available here http://usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/FRC/Game_and_Season__Info/2010_Assets/2010%20FRC%20Inspection%20Checklist%20Rev%20C.pdf and come to the inspection station as early as you can. Remember: If you come to the robot inspection booth well prepared and are asked to make an alteration to your robot that you feel is counter to the information provided in the game manual and updates, and can back up your opinion with documentation from the forums & updates, then you should ask to speak with the Lead Robot Inspector. If you do ask for a ruling by the Lead Robot Inspector, his or her ruling is final.
  • Don’t forget your Safety Glasses!
    As you know, everyone is required to wear Safety Glasses at all times in the Pit area. When you are packing up to go to your Event(s), please remember to pack Safety Glasses for every Student, Mentor, team and family member who will be visiting your team in the Pit area. FIRST has only a limited supply of extra Safety Glasses on hand, so we appreciate your efforts to supply enough Safety Glasses for everyone you bring with you! - Respect boundaries in the Pit area!
    Per Manual Section Space Regulations, every team is normally allocated a 10’x10’x10’ Pit space. Please be conscious of how much space your team is using in order to allow adequate workspace for your neighboring teams, and to ensure overall safety for everyone. We appreciate your Gracious Professionalism™! - Be sure to pick up your Participation Medallions!
    Don’t forget to pick up your team’s Participation Medallions at the Pit Administration table on the last day of your team’s initial Competition Event. FIRST is unable to send out forgotten Medallions until after Championship. If you forgot to pick up your Medallions, contact frcteams@usfirst.org AFTER APRIL 17th and include your preferred mailing address and team number. - Purchasing Additional Trophies and Medallions:
    The reorder form for trophies and medallions is now available at: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=440. Teams may order additional trophies and medallions for any award they win this year. These orders will be shipped in May, see form for details. - Lost and Found Items:
    All Lost and Found items that aren’t claimed by the end of the event get packed on the trucks and returned to FIRST headquarters. If you lost an item at an FRC Event, please send an email to frcteams@usfirst.org with a detailed description of the item. When the trucks get back to Manchester, NH after Championship, we’ll be happy to reunite you with your lost items. - Website Award electronic certificates:
    All Regional Website Award winners and teams who earned the Website Excellence Award will be sent electronic certificates post Championship. These are for placement on winning teams’ websites.In addition to the above reminders, we ask that you review the important information concerning Team Rosters, Consent and Release Forms, Shipping Documents and more at: http://usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=16810

Did you qualify to go to the FRC Championship at your Competition Event? Congratulations! Please remember you still must register via TIMS in order to attend! Click here to be linked to instructions: http://usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=16725

Go Teams!