**FIRST EMAIL**/A Message from Dean Regarding the Second Generation E-Watt Saver Bulb

Greetings Teams:

2nd generation e-watt saver bulbs are now available for your fundraising effort.

Over 450 teams participated in FIRST’s e-watt saver program during the past 11 months, raising more than $650,000. We are excited to see 25 new teams involved with the fundraising since the new 2nd generation bulbs launched in October.

There is still time to sell bulbs for the Holiday Season! Bulbs ordered before noon ship the same day, and with more than 15,000 bulbs in inventory, you can confidently accept orders and deliver them before the Holidays.

Here are some key points about the new bulbs:

[li]Two bulbs available this year:[LIST][/li][li]a 450-lumen replacement for the 1st generation bulb selling at $15 (suggested retail price) - a $5 price drop from the prior bulb![/li][li]a new 800-lumen bulb that directly replaces a 60W incandescent bulb with a suggested retail price of $26[/ul][/li][li]Thanks to continued support from our friends at Google, Teams can purchase bulbs for only $7.50 for the 450-lumen bulb or $17 for the 800-lumen bulb[/li][li]2nd generation e-watt saver bulbs are designed and tested in Florida and produced in Mexico[/li][li]Significant upgrades and new features:[ul][/li][li]dimmable to 5% light output[/li][li]omni-directional (light in all directions, like an incandescent)[/li][li]5-year warranty[/li][li]25,000-hour life[/ul][/LIST]To learn about setting up an account to order bulbs visit: www.usfirst.org/e-wattresources. The program is year-round. [/li]
Good luck raising funds for your teams with our e-watt saver bulbs. See you at Regionals and in St. Louis!

Dean Kamen
FIRST, Founder and President, DEKA