**FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Installation and Configuration Support Line Information

Greetings Teams:

Autodesk has established a support line for FIRST teams to call with installation and configuration issues.

Each team needs to designate one (1) person as their qualified caller. This can be a teacher, student, mentor, or IT person. Autodesk is asking that the one caller be the most technically competent person from the team.

The support is for installation and configuration only. An example would be if you would like to change your software from a network version to a multi-seat stand alone installation, please call this number.

This phone number will be available for six (6) weeks beginning Monday, January 9, 2006 running until February 20, 2006.

FIRST Autodesk Support Line: 877-500-6974

Go Teams!

This is very helpful thanks

800-551-1490 Business Support/Registration Number.

I was redirected to the above number. Not sure if you need to call the first number (FIRST Autodesk Support Line: 877-500-6974) first, but this is the registration number and they are supposed to be able to make the Registration type changes for us.

Tell them you are from a FIRST Team and you’d like to Convert to Standalone Install. (If that’s what you are calling about!)

(I’m typing this as it happens)
I was then transfered to (800) 538-6401: This is a customer care number and they were needed to change the deployment permanently (other wise you’d need to call with every install- or something like that.) This was just to confirm the conversion- so a direct call was not warnented.

Good luck to all!