**FIRST EMAIL**/Autodesk Sponsorship Information

Greetings Teams:

We are thrilled to announce that once again Autodesk will be sponsoring FIRST FRC teams through its generous software donations and training activities. Our many thanks go to our friends at Autodesk for their continuing commitment to the FIRST mission.

Autodesk anticipates shipment of software will start early next week. Please note that if you are a rookie team Autodesk will not ship software until the $500 FIRST Robovation deposit has been received.

Please read below for full details on what Autodesk is offering our teams this season!

Autodesk is very excited to grant the teams something really cool this year! The Autodesk “kits” will start shipping the week of November 1, so here’s what you can expect:

Autodesk Design Academy (“ADA”)

ADA is a pre-engineering and pre-architecture program that includes:
Autodesk Inventor Series
Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Autodesk Revit
Autodesk VIZ
And the best part: curriculum for the teachers!
ADA includes a 25-seat classroom license for all these cool programs. That’s right, 25 of you can be working on Autodesk Inventor at the same time! But that’s not all: we are also including 3ds max 7, the latest version of our award-winning animation software, just released last week.

We will have an update coming soon about some fantastic training opportunities for both Autodesk Inventor and 3ds max. Stay tuned for updates!


What does “pre-engineering and pre-architecture” mean? Are they at all restricted version of the programs?

Will we be getting just 1 copy of 3ds max 7 again?

Lets give a big hand to Autodesk for once again their generous donation of products and not only that, The donation of 25 seats per team for each of these products is awesome.


Is it kind of like Intro to Engineering Design in Project Lead the Way ? It sure sounds like it to me. I took it, and it was a blast. I hope all the students that will benefit from it will enjoy it as much as I did!


Doe this mean 25 licences or does it run from a server or something?

Its most likely one CD install set with a paper saying you can install it on 25 computers. It will not be run from a single server.

I read that blast to say that we are only getting one seat for 3dsMax. It would have been great to get 25 seats for 3dsMax, but 25 seats for Inventor is an excellent growth in the donation from Autodesk.

Now perhaps we can have every subgroup CAD their parts this year. :rolleyes:


Did anyone get the inventor or 3Dmax yet?
Does anyone know we are to get these programs?