**FIRST EMAIL**/Awards Deadline Reminders

Greetings Teams:

Here is a reminder of upcoming award deadlines. To submit for one of these awards, go to www.firstawards.org.

Website Design Award: 02/12/2009 @11:59pm EST
Chairman’s Award: 02/19/2009 @11:59pm EST
Woodie Flowers Award: 02/19/2009 @11:59pm EST

**Important: **Please note these deadlines are firm! In fairness to all teams who submit correctly and on time, we are unable to allow extension requests. The only condition under which an extension request will be considered is if there is a major technical issue with the www.firstawards.org site itself, and this will depend on when it occurred and its duration.

Bear in mind technical (i.e., connectivity, loss of power, computer freezes, etc.) issues often occur and can potentially impact completion of your submission. You will need to allow enough time to trouble shoot these issues - do not wait until just before deadline time to submit! The www.firstawards.org site is designed with an atomic clock stamp. Any award submitted after the deadline time will not be accepted.

Did I submit correctly?

If you are unsure as to whether or not you have submitted, you can log back on to www.firstawards.org and double check.

For each entry that has been submitted, you will clearly see ‘SUBMITTED’ in big bold letters on the awards submittal box. You can view a screen shot example at http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=4624

In the case of the Woodie Flowers Award and/or the Regional Chairman’s Award, click on the award to view the submission. We encourage teams to save a copy of this submission on their computers and print it out for their records in case it should be needed in the future. If you have clicked “Submit” and the screen does not show your submission, you must contact [email protected] immediately.

***Tip!***You can log into www.firstawards.org and make edits to your Woodie Flowers Award and Regional Chairman’s Award entries prior to the deadlines. However, once you click the “Submit” button, the submission process is complete (i.e., you can no longer edit your entry.) Pressing “Submit” is final.

Don’t forget to click the “Submit” button when done or your submission will not be complete!

Rookie All Star Award Special Note
Rookie teams who want their submission to be considered by the judges for the Rookie All Star award need to print a copy and take it to the regional events with them to give to the judges when visited in the Pit. NASA Grant teams should always retain a copy of this file in their team records.
Go Teams!