**FIRST EMAIL**/Bill Miller on Facebook/Jr.FLL Opens/TIMS Update

Greetings Teams:

He tweets](http://twitter.com/FRCTeams), he blogs](http://frcdirector.blogspot.com/), and now you can become a fan of the Bill Miller, Director of FRC, on Facebook](http://www.facebook.com/)! Next time you log in, be sure to search for “Bill Miller FRC Team” and become a fan!

Registration for the 2010 Body Forward Season of Jr.FLL opens on Monday, August 2nd at 12 noon EST. For more information about Jr.FLL registration, please visit: http://usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/jfll/content.aspx?id=17656

TIMS Update: The 2011 team profile section updates in TIMS are nearly complete. In the next couple weeks, we will be able to give you a firm date for when you may log in to your TIMS account and input your 2011 information. Thank you for your patience!

Go Teams!

Hey Bill, if you are reading this (could he be a lurker on CD as well?), really appreciate all your new ways of communicating about FIRST. Keep up the great outreach effort!

It’s been really cool seeing inside the operations of FIRST.

I just read Bill Miller’s blog entry earlier today and am very happy to learn that he will be traveling to NIWeek 2010 here in Austin, Texas, this week. I wish him safe travels and weather that is not unbearable. It decided to hit 100 degrees this weekend for the first time this summer but there has been a nice breeze. Hope it lasts.