FIRST Email Blast Redistribution Mailing List Signup Instructions

I have set up an email list server to redistribute the FIRST email blasts. The list is free for all to use!

To subscribe, simply send an email to and put the phrase SUBSCRIBE_FRC_RELAY in the subject; you do not need to include a message body. If subscription is successful, you will get an email welcoming you to the list.

Enjoy, and if there are any problems with the system feel free to contact me!


No, I will not use the mailing list for anything other than the FIRST email blasts, and I will not distribute the email addresses on the list to anyone. :rolleyes:

Yes, this is the same post that I placed on the general forum, but since it got buried very quickly I thought I’d put it here, instead.

Could this become a sticky?

I swear you posted this before but I cant find the post. Anyways, this should be stickied.

EDIT: Sorry, I didnt see that it had already been stickied.

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