FIRST email blasts

I just got an email blast from FIRST about champs. The subject line was:

FIRST® Championship Team Blast: Chairman’s Award Interview Sign-ups

My team didn’t earn chairman’s this year, so why would I bother reading it? After all, it had to be a mistake, right?

Well, here’s what was actually in the email blast:

  • Two paragraph intro stating: we’ll be sending these blasts weekly and go get the championship app to find more details about the event.
  • 1 paragraph about pre-ordering lunch for the team
  • 1 paragraph about pre-registering attendees
  • a section, including a bullet-ed list, about booking housing for your team
  • 1 sentence about booking a time slot for chairman’s on-site, after you actually arrive.
  • a section on an international team reception in Detroit, with an RSVP request for those teams
  • two paragraphs about shipping your robot
  • a paragraph and a bullet-ed list about student ambassadors
  • a paragraph about volunteering

As I look at it, that’s 8 items you need to take care of now, before you arrive, and one about something you need to do after you get there. And that one was what they put in the subject line of the email.

So, since we haven’t had a thread on this in a while, a cautionary note to everyone - read every email from FIRST, event if the subject line makes it look like it doesn’t apply to you! And an open question to FIRST - why do the subject lines always only address 10% of the content of the email blast? It just begs for people to skip it and miss out on vital information for their team…


Can’t ignore FIRST Email Blasts, if you never get FIRST Email Blasts.

/taps forehead /


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