**FIRST EMAIL**/Championship Registration Opens to Tier 1 Teams November 22nd/Sample

Hello. This is an important announcement for all FIRST Robotics Competition teams. Please share this information with the rest of your team in a timely manner. If you think that other members of your team would also like to receive these announcements, please encourage them to sign up at http://listserv.leapit.com/cgi-bin/lyris.pl?join=frcpublic.

If you would like to stop receiving these messages, please see the bottom of this message for instructions.

Greetings Teams:

We are pleased to announce that Championship (CMP) registration will open to Tier 1 Teams on Monday, November 22 at 12:00 pm EST.

In light of team inquiries about hotel package rates, we are providing you with a sample of the rates below. As stated earlier in Paul Shay’s May 28th Memorandum (available at http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2005/regfeememo.htm), these rates are substantially less than years past. Hotel reservations will be made again this year via THS at http://www.ths-frc.com. Please note THS is not yet open for CMP reservations - we will send notification when the system is ready.

The following are approximaterates (per person)for a four (4) night package which alsoinclude tickets to the Saturday wrap celebration:

Omni, Embassy Suites - quad $180, double $335
Westin, Marriott, Hyatt - quad $170, double $315
Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn - quad $147, double $268
Days Inn, Airport Hilton - quad $119, double $211

These are sample rates only. Additional occupancy combinations and other hotels will be offered when the hotel reservation system opens.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email=“frcteams@usifrst.org”]frcteams@usfirst.org

[/email]*Go Teams!

Let me be the first to say “Huzzah!”

So no lottery this year for Tier 1, I guess.

Kudos to FIRST for negotiating such great hotel rates. If my memory serves me correctly, last year it was $275 per person in a quad room at the Marriott. That’s a huge savings ($105/person). If your team is travelling with more than 10 people, you’ve already offset the increased cost for Championship registration.

I’m impressed.

er…it’s not November 22nd? :yikes:

I guess you were too excited and did not read the whole thing. It’s ok, such things happen quite frequently. I can’t wait till next season starts, its too overwhelming.

WOW! I already sent an email to our team head, hopefully we will sign up and go this year.

According to the eligibility page there should have been a lottery. As of right now here’s about 136 slots open to 292 Tier 1 teams… Good luck to everyone trying to access the system on Monday.

Anybody get through yet, I keep getting


Keep trying! We got through.

Sign in again; and don’t use the Refresh, Back or Forward commands (e.g. <F5>, <BkSp>, <Shift>+<BkSp>, or the browser buttons).

Click on “Events” and go through.

Simbotics (1114) and Spartonics (1503) are signed up.

Team 814 would really like to go but we don’t even have enough money to pay for our initial regional yet. But we are very rapidly fundraising. I am positive we’ll make it. We’re going even if I have to pay the registration fee myself. =P

384 is having a hard time getting through, we have been trying on 3 machines!

you’ve been trying with 3 machines at the same time? i wonder if multiple log-ins would cause problems…

heck, i’ve been trying since noon, and i still get the same thing:


[edit] it looks like i’m not the only one having problems…according to the evvent page, only one team has registered in the last 1/2 hour [/edit]

[edit#2] about 2 mins. after i posted, TIMS started working again, and i was able to sign up. see ya’ll in ATL [/edit#2]

Same problem here in Cheesehead Country!



Good luck teams!

Got through and 384 is now signed up for Champs. We have been trying since noon too.

hey… where can u find out if ur team is registered for the nats or not… is there a site other than usfirst.org under the team list???

if that team list is the only way to check… how often is it updated???

(this might be a silly question… sry… havent really had time to keep up with new news)

358 is registered for Nationals.

whoop… i got the answer to my question earlier… so yall can just ignore it!

well 322 is registered for the nats!

still 68 spots left…three hours later, im shocked.

YEEEEAAAA!!! Team 93 is ready to go. All signed up.