**FIRST EMAIL**/Critical Deadlines/FRC Administrative Manual/NYC Regional Dates Shift

FIRST EMAIL/Critical Deadlines/FRC Administrative Manual/NYC Regional Dates Shift/2013 FIRST Choice Program/FRC Blog

Greetings Teams:

Critical Deadlines:

Today, Thursday, 12/06/12 at 12 PM (noon) ET: Regional, District and Championship registration closes.

Today, Thursday, 12/06/12 at 12 PM (noon) ET: Kit & Kickoff registration closes.

Tomorrow, Friday, 12/07/12: Payment deadline for initial regional event registration.

Tomorrow, Friday, 12/07/12: Bag and tag exemption request deadline.

Thursday, 12/13/12 at 12PM (noon) ET: Deadline to submit Safety Animation submissions (via STIMS).

FRC Administrative Manual: The 2013 FRC Administrative Manual is now available: http://frc-manual.usfirst.org/. Information on FRC awards, robot transportation and more can be found in the Administrative Manual.

New York City Regional Dates Shift: The dates of the New York City Regional have been shifted. The new dates for the event are Wednesday 3/6/13– Saturday, 3/9/13, rather than Thursday, 3/7/13 – Sunday, 3/10/13. This shift is a direct result of New York City’s attempt to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Events are being rescheduled to try to make up for time lost during the hurricane and the recovery efforts.

**2013 FIRST Choice Program: FIRST Choice is a menu of items available to registered 2013 FRC teams, for free, as part of their Kit of Parts (KoP). Beginning 12/10/12, teams may log in to the FIRST Choice site and use a set number of credits to select items they wish to receive. Additional parts specific to the 2013 FRC Game will be available for order after Kickoff (1/5/13). For additional information on the program, please visit: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/first-choice.

In addition to FIRST Choice, other Virtual Kit Product Donation Vouchers (PDVs) will open on 12/10/12. For more details, please visit: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/blog-10-25-2012.

FRC Blog: Please visit the FRC Blog for details on the new Digital Media Award, as well as an update to the Team Spirit Award: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/blog-12-3-2012.

Go Teams!

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