**FIRST EMAIL**/Dean's Homework Assignment

Greetings Teams:

With the FRC season underway, many of you have heard Dean’s homework assignment. This note provides a summary of the assignment and the correct e-mail address for copying FIRST on your message.

For this year’s homework, Dean asked teams to help FIRST achieve a goal of a minimum of one team in each congressional district - or even better, one team in every high school in each congressional district. The specific assignment is for each team to send an e-mail to its elected officials in Congress, telling them about the goal and asking them to help achieve it. When teams send their e-mail message, they are to copy FIRST.

Please use this address to copy FIRST on your message: [email protected]

Thank you all.

Go Teams!

It seems as if I’ve somehow once again been mysteriously removed from the list. Thanks for posting this.

Sigh Me too. I think I’m giving up and relying on CD for E-Mail Blasts. (I’ve contacted the FIRST list 6 times in the past 4 months … and they’re always nice about putting me back on, but it seems after a few weeks I get booted again - weird).


I also did not receive this as a Blast.

Hmmm, maybe I posted it in the wrong section, looked like a blast to me!

The FIRST messages originate from several different group mailing lists, so it’s possible the various lists are not in sync and are of different vintages. You may be updated in one person’s mailing list, but not in others.

I’ve received email from these three or four distinct sources this year:
[email=“[email protected]”][email protected][/email]
FRCteams [[email protected]]
FRC Teams [[email protected]]

This one doesn’t really count:
FRC Registration [[email protected]]

I had an issue where I could not sign up for email from FIRST when I changed my email account last summer. I finally started recieving email blasts last December but only from “FRCteams [[email protected]]” and it has been intermittent.

I have depended on CD to get my information.

I have noticed that sometimes I get messages, sometimes not (and sometimes to two different e-mail address but at different times, often hours apart). And not being part of a team makes the situation even worse because I can’t sign up in TIMS. Thank you for continuing to post on CD, I also rely on it for information.

Got an email today from a FIRST supporter with suggestions for resources for contacting your elected representatives:

"Direct teams to the following websites to determine their Congressional
Representatives and Senators for their schools. I would suggest they
contact the Washington offices plus the District (House of Representatives)
offices and State offices for their Senators.
Emails or Faxes are the only way to communicate since mail is a problem due
to security. ** Definitely suggest they invite their Congressional
representatives to visit their summer camps or workshops as well as their
Regional events next year.

U S House of Representatives: http://www.house.gov/writerep/

U. S. Senate:

Another website that is helpful is with the Library of Congress:

One note – Senate races are on …so for summer camps, might want to
contact all those running for the Senate too!"