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Money can’t buy me love, but… Aside from sponsorship and grants, most FIRST teams take it upon themselves to raise money towards their registration, travel costs, team shirts, and everything in between.

Does your team put the FUN in fundraising? Judging from the level of innovation we see out on the field at FIRST events, we are certain the creativity of our teams doesn’t stop there—what has your team done to raise a few bucks?

Share the wealth! We want to hear about what your team has done to raise money!

  • Tell us about your most successful fundraiser!
  • What were some of your most unique and effective fundraising ideas?
  • What were you able to do with the money you raised?
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Go Teams!

Team 549 runs summer engineering camps. This is our 6th year doing these. We run 2 weeks of them. This years are engineering. In the past we’re run lego, vex, engineering and other type robotics ones. We charge $200 per week and take in 20-25 camper per week. With the funds we’re able to give each student that works the camps a $100 voucher used towards traveling with the team.


Our biggest fundraiser event is by far the greatest fun we have as a team, while we raised almost $16,000 (with a sponsorship check of $10,000 as the bulk of it) via a silent auction, selling of sponsorship tables, and selling adult beverages and soft drinks.
The entertainment alone and robotics demonstration tent is awesome every year.

We did this 1 week 1/2 after we got back from St. Louis and it kickstarted the following seasons fundraising efforts already.