**FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Announces 2010 PTC Sponsorship for FRC Teams!

Greetings Teams:

We are pleased to announce that PTC ([www.ptc.com](file:///D:/User%20Profiles/mfischer.PTCNET/Local%20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.Outlook/DMVNUGLJ/www.ptc.com)), The Product Development Company, is continuing to increase its sponsorship of this year’s *FIRST *Robotics Competition (FRC). PTC Solutions are used by more than 50,000 companies worldwide to develop their products; such as cell phones by Motorola, laptops by Dell, space rockets by NASA, engines from Toyota and airplanes by AIRBUS.

The following software products are available for FREE to each and every FRC team!

· Pro/ENGINEER, PTC’s integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software
· Mathcad, PTC’s Engineering Calculation software
· Windchill, PTC’s Collaboration and Data Management software
· **Productview, **PTC’s Visual Collaboration software

PTC’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are the tools engineers use every day to do their jobs. As an official supplier to FIRST, PTC is offering these solutions to help students design their robots and collaborate more effectively across your team. By doing this, PTC is helping young engineers to learn the language of engineering.

**The Registration process is simple! **
Each team interested in using our collaboration software, Windchill, to manage their FRC team project should have the Main Team Contact register for a project. Once registered, a team project will be created, enabling the Main Contact to invite other members to the project.

**1. Main Contact Registers for a Windchill-based Team Project](http://www.ptc.com/appserver/wcms/forms/index.jsp?im_dbkey=76331&icg_dbkey=482). **

**2. **Main Contact receives an invite to the project via e-mail from **[email protected]**.

  1. To download and install Pro/ENGINEER,** Mathcad and Productview** from your Windchill project, go to page 30 of the Getting Started Guide](http://www.ptc.com/appserver/wcms/standards/fileothumbredirect.jsp?&im_dbkey=77175&im_language=en).

**Be sure to Review Resources for Teams Getting Started **
· Review the “Quick Getting Started”](http://www.ptc.com/WCMS/files/99574/en/Quick_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf) Guide
· Visit www.ptc.com/go/firstgettingstarted for more detailed instruction
· Review Recorded Webinars specifically designed for FIRST teams!

Go Teams!