**FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Championship FVC Opportunity

Out to CMP FRC teams…

Greetings Championship FRC Teams:

The pilot season for the FIRST Vex Challenge came to a successful close as the final regional tournament was held in Duluth, GA just a couple of weeks ago.

We’re now busy planning for a 50-team FVC tournament at the FIRST Championship (CMP) in Atlanta on April 27-28, and you may have heard we have some openings. The purpose of this e-mail is to encourage your team to consider competing in this event at the CMP as well! Many of you have already purchased a VEX kit and have a large enough team attending the FRC portion of the event for which this would be feasible - and some of you may already have an existing FVC team.

Please note that registration for this event is separate (i.e., registration fee) from FRC registration. If you are interested we invite you to register your new or existing FVC team by following this link to the FVC CMP registration page https://my.usfirst.org/fvc/index.lasso?my_page=cmp_reg&-session=my:C0A8471707aae27561vUS35DCF66 .

If you have any questions please contact Karen Smith at ksmith@usfirst.org. See you in Atlanta!

Go Teams!

What would be the entry fee? Would it be the $500 that was charged for teams signing up for the regionals?


From the Payment Terms link:



 $1,000.00 for participation in one 2005-06 *FIRST* Vex Challenge Championship Event.   


 Payment of $1,000.00 for *FIRST* Championship must be received by *FIRST* Finance within five days of receiving the e-mail confirming your registration information.  


The $1,000.00 registration payment cannot be refunded. FIRST is not responsible for cancellations or the inability of a team to travel due to weather, threat of terrorism, act of God and other events beyond FIRST’s control.


****** All acceptable forms of payments received by FIRST Finance must be submitted stating your Vex team number that you received in the e-mail confirmation and that you are with the FIRST Vex Challenge.